Election Day, 2010 – Will We Change our Future?

Tomorrow voting Americans decide which way the pendulum will swing.

If forced healthcare purchase wouldn’t have fully convinced me, this whole Ground Zero mosque business, combined with it, has. I am no longer ‘on the fence’. I want Obama out.

After about two-and-a-half years as author of ’Jesus, the Revolution & You’, I still know very little about many, many issues, topics, and people – from our past or in our present. The wholeness of things eludes me. But I try. I learn what I can, as I go. Often, I fear, the tip of the iceberg is all I see. I can’t debate, and the details? Hah! They dissolve in my mind after awhile.

Except…not all of them. Some stick. And an overall perception remains. The Bible tells me that, as a believer in, and into, Jesus Christ, I have His mind. I don’t need to know if every thought I have is of Him – it would seem dangerous to assume that, I think – but I do believe that, on the whole, His thoughts direct mine. So maybe such ’perception’ is all I need. I can then, at a certain point, move forward with a certainty that doesn’t need the reinforcement of facts & details.

Reading “Is Obama Submissive to Islam?” , coupled with those growing perceptions, put me over the hump. The beginnings of a near-frightening awareness of Muslim/Islam ideology and motive seals the deal, for me.

In God we live and move and have our being…He is the Greater One…and I know that mortality is swallowed up of Life…so, because of these things, I am not terrified because America is in trouble.

But we need to make better choices.



Human Rights Violation? What about National Sovereignty?

“There’s growing concern that under President Obama, the United States of America will turn into the United States of Europe. “- Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law & Justice, “Is Our Sovereignty at Risk?”

A lot of times, until one is changed, things happening around a person don’t seem ‘real’. Until one is changed, or unless it affects you…it’s easy (and perhaps better!) to be oblivious to certain realities. Though it causes me a certain amount of tension, even suffering, I thank God that He has, in this respect, changed me. I am glad that, sometimes, I am far more aware of national & international events, events that may threaten American life & Liberty.

There is a praise/worship song I used to hear with lyrics that went something like this: “He did not bring us out this far, to take us back again…” Did God really bring America to this point of her existence in time & history, to let her be trampled and destroyed by the very ones who should be upholding her, and her Constitution? Did He really prepare brilliant, patriotic men and their hearts, for such a time as Revolutionary America, and did He really engage those thirteen states in years of battle & bloodshed unto victory, for, ultimately, naught? Will our judiciary and our systems be overruled by others, foreigners with foreign laws? Because isn’t that will happen if American domestic issues are placed under the jurisdiction of United Nations courts & tribunals? Is an act such as President Obama’s filing of a Human Rights complaint with the UN, against the state of Arizona for her amended Immigration Laws (SB 1070), the beginning of what should never begin?

Am I the only one to whom this sounds ludicrous, that a President files charges against a part of his own country? To me, it feels as if ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark’ here…it feels sickening, and it is frightening.

“When the Left cannot win at the ballot box…it overrules the people in the courts”, writes Ben Johnson of ResistNet.com. “Now that Obama is not sure he can prevail in the courts, he has overruled the American people by hauling Arizona and the two-thirds of Americans who support its law before the United Nations.” What is going on here? What is Obama doing?

Perhaps he genuinely believes human rights violations are incurring, or the potential for such exists, in Arizona’s amendments to its immigration laws. In the many articles I’ve been reading/ skimming, I did see something, somewhere, that seemed to indicate that. (I have not yet taken the time to view the situation from that perspective.) I’m in the process of reading these laws, and still have a ways to go…but so far, it seems apparent that the motive behind any amendment is solely & entirely that of protecting the citizens of Arizona (and, btw, the rest of us!) from the dangers that can & do result from illegal immigration. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, and opportunity to aid in the spread of terrorist activity, to name a few, must be stemmed at the source. By ’source’, I mean ’border’. Can protecting one’s borders really be equated with human rights violations? And, even if so be, violations of such severity that the great United States of America needs to be monitored & judged by other nations? Really? Can’t this matter be handled – speaking of borders – within our own?


“…believe me, fellow-citizens…history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.” – George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

Washington foresaw “unnecessarily parting with what ought to have been retained.” (Re-visiting Pre-Election Concerns)
Washington saw the betrayal and/or sacrificing of national interests, presenting itself as “gild{ed} with the appearances of a virtuous sense of obligation, a commendable deference for public opinion, or a laudable zeal for public good…” (ibid)


” President Obama is embarking on a new and troubling direction for our nation. Many are calling it the “Selling of America” – surrendering our national sovereignty – our constitutional framework – all in the interest of international cooperation.” - Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law & Justice, “Is Our Sovereignty at Risk?”

“There’s growing concern that under President Obama, the United States of America will turn into the United States of Europe. “

Exercising American Power – the Missing Piece?

Educated, well-informed opinions regarding Middle East policy, procedure, & analyses abound, I am sure, and I recently read an excellent one. ( ” I love it when a succinctly-put phrase, or a concise, hard-hitting sentence or two, breaks it all wide open…” – this is me, a few posts back, and it is exactly how I felt as this article unfolded.) My breath has almost been taken away.

With President Obama reaching his decision on Afghanistan strategy & troops deployment, and my supposed ‘being done with’ posts on that topic (for now, anyway), I had thought that I could take a break from such weighty fare. I’ve been telling people that…and I am, apparently, wrong!

Being still a sort of newborn to the entire spectrum of world events and US foreign policy, I realize that what has struck me like an anvil may have been rather obvious to those more aware, more knowledgeable. That being said, however…the following statement came as a shock to me, but the kind of shock that, like cold water in your face, wakes you up: “President Obama is uncomfortable with the exercise of American power.” ( Marvin Kramer, “How Not to Fix the Middle East”, p.3)

“Middle Eastern states bend in response to displays of power”, Mr. Kramer asserts, and further stipulates that the Obama administration is trying to effect dramatic transformation in the Middle East without having yet to display any power. This senior fellow in the National Security Studies Program at Harvard cites, by comparison, actions taken by both Bush senior and junior, actions which provided those administrations with some “traction”, some clout, which this one is, at present, lacking. (p.6)

In his Cairo speech, President Obama, I have heard, did a lot of apologizing. (I didn’t read the text of the speech, I think I was having trouble tracking it down online.) I’ve heard that apologizing comment a number of times, and I have wondered, for what? This Middle East article quotes some of that speech, and what I might have, before, seen in a fuzzier, feel-good light, now…I’m wondering, hmmm…

“President Obama’s words are read as somehow confirming what many already suspect: that the United States has been wounded and weakened politically and economically, that it no longer punches at its weight, that its decline has begun, and that its President is trying to minimize America’s own shrinking in the world, by dismissing the very idea of dominance” concludes Kramer. He theorizes that, as the “middle powers” in the region (Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran) possibly hold such a perception of the country who should, instead, be a “guardian of the peace”, they will and in fact have already begun staking their claims to fill that void. Survival of the fittest, in a phrase…but with dangerous consequences. United States determination to maintain a position of priority in this volatile area of the world is seen by Mr. Kramer as not a cause of crises but a “bulwark” against far worse.

Having Compassion for our Commander-in-Chief

It was a few minutes past midnight when I suddenly awoke & groggily switched on the TV. The screen was filled with the face of our newly chosen President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama, speaking to the nation that would soon be under his leadership and command. For reasons I still don’t understand, I wept, deep, sorrowful tears.

The face I now see on that TV screen, or computer screen, or in magazines, has aged far more than one year. The tears I shed then are now replaced with a different strong, deep emotion – compassion. The face I see now looks far more like the face of a man in his late fifties, not forties, and the weight of his first year in office shows markedly in his countenance. ‘Grim’ would not be an inappropriate word to use in its description.

Most understandably so. President Obama is “…learning every day the challenges of a wartime presidency.” ( Joel Achenbach, Washington Post )

You or I may not have voted for him, may be against some/all of his policies & decisions, but he is a man in a very hot seat that most of us couldn’t endure for more than a few minutes, let alone a year…with more to come. Watching President Obama recently, I was struck with this realization. Yes, he chose to run for the office of President of the United States of America, he wanted the job…but like any job, or, in fact, any new situation, its reality often turns out to be a sledgehammer! And once you’re in it, you’re in it, and there is no reprieve. Can you imagine bearing the crushing burden of making the decision to send tens of thousands of young men & women to war in a foreign land? Knowing you are sending some of them to their deaths? And, that among the survivors will be many living the rest of their lives without an arm or leg(s), disfigured, perhaps blinded? Their entire perception & experience of life will be forever changed. Re-integration into civilian life may not be so easily accomplished, and some may not ever really recover from the after-effects of their wartime military experience.

Just writing about this, I am feeling sick to my stomach. How does one actually make this kind of decision without the gut-wrenching soul searching that ravages, leaving a person sick, and sick at heart?

Right now, for me, all of the ‘Is Obama the Anti-Christ?’ hoopla, and all the evil! terrorist! Muslim-connections-of-his-past, (and let’s not forget his middle name!), the ruckus revolving around his Kenyan descent, and whatever else was/could be thrown into the mix of opposition to our President, is irrelevant at this point. At this point, he is the man at the helm of our nation, with gale-force winds & approaching tidal waves. (Just yesterday the ship was fiscally sinking, and there were so many holes & so much damage that one didn’t know what to plug up first, where do we begin to fix it? But today one hears that it’s possible the ship is being righted. Tentatively, and only once or twice, I’ve heard/read that signs are being seen that the economy has officially begun to recover. I work in retail, and here and there, I’ve seen prices actually dropping…however, America has not yet reached her safe harbor.) A tsunami called Iran’s Nuclear Weapons program is not that far in the distance, with global repercussions, and there is mutiny & tragedy roiling in the belly of the ship. Within and without…

I can go to sleep at night, confident that others are manning the ship, and forget about all this. Obama cannot. I can wake up on my days off and savor a big mug of coffee, leisurely, while I ponder changing jobs, or what blogging activity to engage in that day. He cannot. He’s in this to win this, and there may not be a truly ‘leisure’ time for President Obama for quite awhile.

Whether Democrat or Republican, or neither, have a heart of compassion for your President right now. If you are a Christian, pray for him. If you are not, pray anyway.

Don’t Wanna Say ‘I told you so’ but…(OK, Yes,I do!)

I’m in the middle of working on another post, and have also been offered some blogging help by fellow blogger AndyD, who will be guest-writing in the near future (once we decide on a topic) – BUT – while backtracking this AM to a piece I’d bookmarked back in February, I came across this Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde comparison to our President in a NRO article.
Because it so *totally mirrors & confirms my early-on suspicions, I feel vindicated. Yet, at the same time, sorrow tugs at my heart.

I left this comment on reddit.com over a year ago:

“I am not an Obama supporter, but am not antagonistic towards him. So far, anyway. The media and money aspect certainly do tend to power, but people who will vote for him in Nov. aren’t going to necessarily be voting for him b/c of this power. He can, as LanternBearer says, ‘wing a speech’ very well. His presentation of himself will win voters, in large part, I think.”

In ‘Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama’, Victor Davis Hanson, in National Review Online, writes the following:

People assumed that his easy rhetoric was not a result of studied preparation or superficial style, but a natural reflection of honesty and sincerity.”


“Now nearly half the country is not merely distrustful of him, but increasingly viscerally angry at him as well.”

“…it took millions of Americans months of fair and judicious examination to conclude that Obama’s real weaknesses were his once-advertised strengths:… The present Mr. Obama looks and sounds like the old Dr. Barack, but he surely does not act anything like the candidate who persuaded America.”

Check out the NRO article.

* not necessarily referring to my being ‘simpatico’ w/every detail in this article by Mr. Hanson – rather the general principle indicated by the details.