If You Believe that Donald J. Trump is our True President…

…as I do, with all my heart…


JULIE GREEN MINISTRIES Published July 25, 2022


Since Election 2020, Do You Feel Like ‘I Don’t Know What’s Real Anymore?’

As we draw close to that longed-for reveal of truth & justice…as we anticipate the reinstatement of our true leader…we remind ourselves that there is a yet greater truth that needs to be our Foundation & Blueprint for life.

If you have not done so, you should try to apprehend the fact that there is a reality above & beyond the life we live. I do not mean a Galactic Federation, nor interstellar species or deep underground military bases, etc., etc. What I am referring to, does not depend on whether or not such things exist.

I am referring to the kingdom of God.

Which is real.


For most of us, it is probably difficult to be aware of the kingdom of God, much of the time. Daily life places a lot of demands on us! Our life in the flesh produces distractions. And there are multitudes of voices crying out for our attention these days, splintering our focus & causing confusion and perhaps worse. But each person’s journey through this life is unique, and your path is known by God. He is highly capable of managing your steps to bring you to that point of awareness on a more consistent basis.

But I encourage you to be on the lookout for it…!


You may not want to acknowledge that there really is – no, really – a way of life that is not what you’ve known to date. Where there really is a Final Say that isn’t you. You may think, ‘Oh no, I get that, it’s okay!’ then realize, ‘Wait. Uhh…uh…well…’ After decades of thinking that I knew, acknowledged & accepted that fact, it has only been within the past year or so that the veil was lifted & I was approached by a loving God with the truth.

At the time, it did not feel loving. For months I lived in a state of semi-dread, feeling sick half the time. It was awful. But I had to go through it, and some of you might have to, also. ‘Getting’ this reality is foundational to being able to more clearly apprehend what God is telling us, in His Word. All things considered, it is a very small price to pay for moving on into a greater freedom in God.

All Roads

All roads, when walked with Jesus, should lead us to the true heart of God.

If we can begin our journey there, and walk backwards, we can see the purpose of the law, and what it was meant to show us & accomplish. We can see more clearly why the Law was made a tutor to lead us to Jesus Christ, so that Jesus could then reconcile us to the Father (Galatians 3:23-24). It was because the Father’s heart love for us was so strong, that He passionately needed us to be reconciled to Himself.

Because His love for us was so strong, because He knew the consequences of not being reconciled, His desire to bring us back home was all the more powerful.

You’ve heard that expression about operating from a position of strength, not weakness…I suggest we remember to operate from a position of “Beloved…keep yourselves in the love of God…” (Jude 21)


All Things Become New

Sometime near the Christmas of 2020, during a spontaneous, unexpected moment of worship, I was given a vision of President Trump. At that time, Joe Biden had already ‘won’ the election for President of the United States. However, in this vision, I saw President Trump’s face gradually appear from behind a fog or a cloud, and he was wearing a crown. I heard, ‘Donald Trump’s victory is accomplished!’ Later, upon recalling this image, it seemed to have evolved, in that President Trump’s face merged to some degree with that of a lion.


Within the past six months or so, I’ve had a vision of a different sort, also concerning President Trump.

(A bit of back story here…since the election of 2020, I‘ve spent a large chunk of my time searching out truth/information concerning that election, which led me – as many others – down the rabbit hole. I learned about things that I never knew existed, things I’d heard about but hadn’t believed, and really, only the grace & love of God has kept me sane.)

I had been involved in my usual intake of this ongoing search, watching videos or reading articles online, and paused to process the information. As I was absorbing & integrating, I ‘saw’ a kind of diagram. Up ‘til that moment, I had believed that the 2020 election had been stolen. That Trump & Team were hustling, working hard, persistently & passionately to uncover the evidence & right the grievous wrong.

Just like that, I understood that the President & his people knew along what was going to happen. They not only knew, they facilitated the whole debacle by NOT stopping it. And while I was still reeling from that revelation, another one almost steam-rolled me: President Trump ran for office in the first place in order to carry out this brilliant sting operation. To leave the opportunity for crime unhindered, so that the criminals would eventually be caught in the act, arrested & dealt with one way or the other.

As a third wave of insight washed over me, I understood that election results were not the main target of this operation. Children were. Donald John Trump ran for the office of the President of the United States of America to launch the massive, world-wide hunt, search & rescue operation that would annihilate child-trafficking & all who participated in it. 

Within about an hour, while reading some online comments, I saw one written in all capital letters, stating EXACTLY what I had just realized. I see that as confirmation from the Lord.

The scope of this operation has stretched my perceptions of reality to disturbing & sickening limits. I suspect that stretching is not quite over.

For many of you, I don’t think it’s even started yet.

If what I think is coming – massive revelations of truth to the general public – does in fact arrive, I’m hoping that some of the things I may write about, as the Lord leads,  might help ease the shock & the pain. Make things clear. And bring joy!


The Eternal Father Prepared for ‘Christmas’, Too

We have entered into  this Christmas season, hoping for better times ahead & perhaps more ‘normal’ festivities this holiday than last.  It has been brought to my attention that there was another time of Christmas anticipation, in eons past, like none before it, nor since.

I was standing at my kitchen sink, washing a coffee mug. No big deal, not doing anything special. ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ had been running through my mind recently, and so it was again. I began to sing the first verse.

Just like that – in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye! – it was as though I was THERE. I don’t mean I was actually looking down from high above in the night sky, witnessing the actual birth of the baby Jesus. It was better than that…I was experiencing those moments right before – finally – the Savior of the world would be born. How it felt in heaven, in the hosts of heaven, and to all those who had known it was coming, known how much & how long the Father had been preparing for this night. And what this night, this birth set in motion…

Maybe I was given a glimpse into the heart of the Father Himself.