When President Donald J. Trump appeared not to have won the 2020 Election, like so many, I was surprised._It almost didn’t seem real.  Also like so many, I began looking into it. (Until even this very day, though trimmed waaay back, I still am.)

My searching out information and, hopefully, truth confronted me with topics & events of which-I’d either never heard or had heard but considered ludicrous, and therefore dismissed.

In this searching, though, I found that much that I’d once dismissed, I no longer could.  For some reason, National Enquirer-type headlines became more acceptable to me.  My parameters of reality began to be stretched.  Some subject matter was more than I could bear, and I had to veer off that path.  (Much of it still is more than I can bear.  I left some of that alone.)  Besides online commenting, there was no place where I could go to discuss these topics, because no one in my small circle of family, neighbors etc. was aware of, or interested in them.  As a result, two-and-a-half years down this road, I still do not really know what’s true.


I became familiar with many online personages who were previously unknown to me.  Most of them, I’ve moved on from.  Elements in their presentations didn’t resonate well with me.  Some whom I initially felt were solid, could be trusted eventually displayed information too New Age-y for me, and I backed off of them for a season.  Or almost completely.  There were contradictions, disinformation even admitted to by some well-known ‘truthers’. And what-I’ve-learned about CGIs & what is called green screen, has caused me to be wary of the authenticity of almost ANY video/television presentation.

The problem is, for me, that I can’t believe that none of what I’ve seen, read, or heard is true.

And a lot does seem to add up.


My purpose in writing today is not to go into detail, but rather a general pointing-the-way-to events that, when all is said & done, I do believe will come to pass.

If & when it happens, you’ll know it.


Even after 9/11, though I paid much more attention to national/international events than I had before, still…government, politics & all the related brouhaha seemed like a circus sideshow to me most of the time.  Now, I realize that there may have been a reason for that!  Things were not what they seemed, I’m being told.  And I’m being told that this has existed on a rather large scale.

You may think that the 2016 election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was only that.  A contest between two political parties and another, normal election, once every four years.  But I now believe that there was, and is still, much more behind that screen.

I’ve recently heard that sometime possibly during June & July of this year (2023), some of what has been hidden there will begin to be made known to the public.  Segments of this public already know many of these things, or have heard, at least.  But I’m writing this for those of you who don’t know &  haven’t heard.


Sometimes Ya Gotta Go through It, It’s not Fun…but Afterwards, It’s Worth It…

A couple of years ago, we were having an ant problem in the house where I rent my apartment. While the exterminator walked around, spraying here & there, we engaged in casual conversation. I’d met him before, but we had never gotten involved in conversation. This time, as we chatted, the topic of God came up. Turns out he is very much a believer, and as we spoke, he told me that if he had to sum up this world system in one word, it would be ‘deception’.

Obviously, I didn’t disagree. But I realize now, a year or two down the road, how oh-so-very-right he was!


Paul tells us that ‘we look…at the things which are not seen’ rather than the temporal, while we live on this earth. (2 Corinthians 4:18)

But do we?

I write these next thoughts not to point fingers, not to fault-find but rather to shed some light on our paths. And I’m writing from personal experience – in fact, recent personal experience – so it’s a case of taking the log out of my own eye…


I always thought that it was rather tricky to not be paying so much attention to temporal things, temporal reality. After all, we are living in an earthly world system! And the needs of the flesh, just to survive, (not to mention our wants!) require so much of our time & energy. Our focus. Although every one of us who comes to Christ has to work out their own salvation, with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12), find their own method of juggling the visible and the invisible so that the visible doesn’t choke out true Life…how successful are most of us? I would guess that for many, it’s a hit-and-miss, up and down situation.

I also think that it may be a matter of God’s timing in each individual’s life. As I look back on where I’ve been & who I was, I can see how obtuse I’d been, when at that time I thought I was just the opposite! God loved me just as much then as He does now, but I myself wish I had seen more light!

God knows what each of us needs to go through before we are ready to really believe those words of His that may not not seem so easily apprehended. Unfortunately for us, that usually requires some pain. I wish this wasn’t the case, but even the Son learned obedience through suffering. To be willing to walk on water, maybe the ground on which you have been so firmly, so comfortably standing needs to start shifting & crumbling under you…

Grasping spiritual realities – even just wanting to grasp them – may be the result of most everything else in our lives not quite working out as we had wanted. I’ve found that so many once-desired goals or situations eventually become prisons. What at first presented as a ‘freedom’ or promises of safety & happiness change over time. We are caught in routines that constrict & restrict, and maybe we’d like to get out of them!

The promises of this world deceive.


My own situations in life are not the conventional ones. I think I may be a part of that group who die, not having received the promises. Or at least something similar to that…so perhaps where I’m coming from may not resonate with many of you. But if it does, my aim is to encourage, not discourage. Getting to the place where the unseen things of God become more intriguing, desirable in a way they never before had been, is a good place to be.


…Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous but grievous: nevertheless afterwards it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” (Hebrews 12:11)

THIS is the Way…Walk Ye in It

We who are patriots & who first seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, have been through the wringer these past two years. Or more…

When President Trump did not appear to have been re-elected, it was GAME ON for so many of us. At every level of awareness or lack thereof, we entered the fray. We mobilized! We became citizen journalists, we became digital warriors…we researched, we questioned, we learned. ‘Truthers’, ‘influencers’, & ‘intel’ began to appear across the internet, and despite censorship soon to rise up, proliferated. Massive amounts of information, mixed with disinformation & misinformation, presented as audio, video, interviews, articles & Q-drops saturated many of our minds to a point of overload. Confusion. And some of us were also introduced to topics that we had not known even existed. Topics hard to bear, and at some point, unbearable.

We haven’t given up – I don’t believe any of us ever will give up – but we want this to be over.


…it is not a man that is going save you, oh, America…it is Me the Lord your God. I have the Covenant with this nation…” (emphasis mine)

…put your hope in ME and I shall give you living water that shall sustain you during this time. The weariness and tiredness much of it and the hopelessness is from putting your hope in a man.”

(Note: Do not misunderstand me, not for one second do I doubt that President Donald J. Trump is our rightful leader, and that he will be shown as such in the not too distant future.)


Around the time I saw the below words from the Lord, I had been becoming aware of my own almost gluttonous…over-indulgence?…in time spent searching out the truth about not only the 2020 elections but time spent traveling down the rabbit holes – and there were many – into which that search had led me:

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day you feed yourselves too much confusion My children, too many opinions, too much luring, (not) false realities of courts and trials that are fabrications to steer the people astray from the mark of the high calling I am calling MY PEOPLE TO FOCUS ON AND MARCH TOWARD AND PRESS TOWARD AND PRAISE TOWARD”

…you are filling your soil with acids, and toxic minerals, and lies of serpents and snake oil, and those who now are accusing others, and speaking “top-secret intel and docs”that really are nothing more than a ballooning lie… html


More recently:

Some are “…recklessly using the word satanist and occult you have opened a box of woe that shall magnify in your lives if you do not turn for your mouths are open tombs of the stench of what is death not life death and life are in the power of the tongue says the Lord of Hosts.”


Hearken unto MY VOICE for the enemy has flooded the airways with voices who sound good HOWEVER in the details of what they are saying are lies, and purposeful misinformation even being pumped out by those in the military to these voices to send the people on wild goose chases or to get their eyes on a man.”


My purpose in sharing this counsel and admonition from God is not to deflate or disappoint anyone’s expectations. I am not meaning to crush hopes. But I saw what happened to me, and what still, quite easily! can happen, and against which I need to be vigilant.

Be intentional when on the internet. Think about your clicks.

You may need to work at a consistent re-prioritizing for awhile.


I am calling My children who HEAR MY VOICE OUT IN THE DEEP…do not wallow in the shallow where so many have been content to stay thinking they can keep their status and names and Twitter tweets, and influence…you have listened to the sirens lulling you into bondage…they shall now be exposed as well says the Lord for who they really are, darkness parading as light, speaking of every foul thing…that foul stench they accuse others of has so infiltrated them and fallen upon them…”

And says the Spirit of the Lord this day…I am calling MY people to minister before Me and bring true worship back to Me so that I may reveal the deeper things to them.”


Julie Green has repeatedly, in recent months, shared a similar theme from the Lord. He urges us, His children, to be in the Word more than ever, and to learn of His Covenant. (JGM International Media — JULIE GREEN MINISTRIES)

You can NEVER go wrong, doing that!

“…you My children, are precious to Me, draw close to your shepherd in this season, for I the Lord will say to you THIS IS THE WAY WALK YE IN IT WHENEVER YOU TURN TO THE RIGHT OR THE LEFT.”

If You Believe that Donald J. Trump is our True President…

…as I do, with all my heart…


JULIE GREEN MINISTRIES Published July 25, 2022

Since Election 2020, Do You Feel Like ‘I Don’t Know What’s Real Anymore?’

As we draw close to that longed-for reveal of truth & justice…as we anticipate the reinstatement of our true leader…we remind ourselves that there is a yet greater truth that needs to be our Foundation & Blueprint for life.

If you have not done so, you should try to apprehend the fact that there is a reality above & beyond the life we live. I do not mean a Galactic Federation, nor interstellar species or deep underground military bases, etc., etc. What I am referring to, does not depend on whether or not such things exist.

I am referring to the kingdom of God.

Which is real.


For most of us, it is probably difficult to be aware of the kingdom of God, much of the time. Daily life places a lot of demands on us! Our life in the flesh produces distractions. And there are multitudes of voices crying out for our attention these days, splintering our focus & causing confusion and perhaps worse. But each person’s journey through this life is unique, and your path is known by God. He is highly capable of managing your steps to bring you to that point of awareness on a more consistent basis.

But I encourage you to be on the lookout for it…!


You may not want to acknowledge that there really is – no, really – a way of life that is not what you’ve known to date. Where there really is a Final Say that isn’t you. You may think, ‘Oh no, I get that, it’s okay!’ then realize, ‘Wait. Uhh…uh…well…’ After decades of thinking that I knew, acknowledged & accepted that fact, it has only been within the past year or so that the veil was lifted & I was approached by a loving God with the truth.

At the time, it did not feel loving. For months I lived in a state of semi-dread, feeling sick half the time. It was awful. But I had to go through it, and some of you might have to, also. ‘Getting’ this reality is foundational to being able to more clearly apprehend what God is telling us, in His Word. All things considered, it is a very small price to pay for moving on into a greater freedom in God.