Regrets… (Part 2)

Though Washington was the only man to appear in military regalia at the Second Continental Congress (from which he emerged commander-in-chief), and it would seem likely that such an outcome may have motivated his choice of dress, still…when talk spread throughout the Congress that he would be appointed leader, Washington was appalled. He even attempted to squelch the movement, trying to convince some of his associates to vote otherwise.

We often think we want something until it’s staring us in the face!

The wheel of Destiny had begun turning, however; Washington’s frantic last minute manipulations could not stop it. His election was unanimous.

I have heard, and I have read, that George Washington considered himself unequal to the command. History records that he would not accept any salary for his service to his country.

Leaving Philadelphia, Washington travelled north to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to meet up with the troops already assembled there. British forces were at Boston, being surrounded by the American soldiers, and Washington arrived to a standstill situation. However, though no battle was imminent, Washington had other cause for dismay. The 20,000 men he had been told to expect, in reality only numbered 14,000. Ouch. An inventory of the gun powder revealed just one-third of the reported amount. Again, ouch. No tents, a shortage of clothing and tools, and not even an idea of where any money was coming from.

On top of all that, the commander-in-chief found his troops to be, in his own words, “an exceeding dirty and nasty people”, many exhibiting an “unaccountable stupidity”. This latter decription, he felt, included some of the officers, as well.

Talk about wanting to turn around and go back home!!! In his book First of Men, author John E. Ferling tells us that within a few months, George Washington, the man destined to become the Father of our Country, regretted having accepted command.

If it seems overwhelming, and you want to run away from it…maybe you shouldn’t.

Thank you so much for stopping by. …….Christina

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