Things Aren’t Always What They Seem… (Part 2)

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I don’t imagine that our young George Washington had the slightest inkling, at age eleven, that he would become the monumental figure in American history that he did. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d assume just the opposite. Prospects for the future looked bleak. The point I want to make here is that, though your situations and background may seem lacking, you don’t have to assume the worst. You may in fact look back one day from your vantage point of success and realize that because of those very circumstances, you ended up where you did. When you thought you were wandering around, lost and without a purpose, you were actually following the road map to your future.

A couple of illustrations, if I may –

because George Washington did not have the financial means to pursue his education, he pursued instead the study of surveying land. (George found some of his deceased father’s surveying equipment at the Ferry Farm homestead, where the Washington family was then living.) That study provided him with the skills that led to the military appointments eventually resulting in his presidency. Granted, I’m simplifying the process, but the thread of Destiny is definitely there.

because George Washington lost his father at an early age, at an early age also he was compelled by those circumstances to begin to develop a responsibility for others under his care (command?). Little did he know then, that guiding, caring for and (to the best of his ability) protecting the other four younger children in this fatherless family was but the beginning of a pattern that would be his for the rest of his life. He would move on to military command, then managing a plantation, responsible for not only its tobacco and wheat harvests but the lives and well-being of its many slaves. (Note: Washington’s ownership of slaves and his evolving views on slavery, as his life progressed, are topics for another time.) Finally, the boy who led a family of four would become the man who led a revolutionary army through over five years of bloodshed to one of the most powerful triumphs in all of history. He would become the man who led the nation that emerged through those first eight years of glorious liberty, the President who established, with a minimum of conflict and strife, its new government .


One response to “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem… (Part 2)

  1. Holy crap, you can write well! I see america as British empire number 2 anyway :P. It is true that starting off in a poor position in life can inspire you to work harder. Nice blog post :D.

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