When Plans Go Awry…(Part 2)

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Two days later, in a message written to his personal secretary and aide, Joseph Reed, General Washington agreed with the conclusion of another one of his generals that ‘kind Heaven’ had intervened on behalf of the Americans. At the time, however, Washington knew deep frustration and bitter disappointment. He was denied leading his troops to the glorious victory he had intended for them. If I were in Washington’s position, I might have even harbored the resentful suspicion that I had been ‘set up’ by the One I expected to lead and protect me!

God is efficient is His actions, however. We see them from an earthbound perspective, so many times, the heavenly Plan isn’t obvious. ‘Til later…

In addition to the impossible weather conditions, the presence of such an arsenal of guns and cannons, so well-positioned on the Dorchester Heights hill, and being faced-down by four thousand American soldiers gave the British commander pause. He ordered Boston’s evacuation. Requesting a temporary truce, General Howe set plans in motion to withdraw his men and ships. On March 17, just twelve days after the date of the intended battle, and without a shot being fired, the British were gone.

Though General Washington wanted a grand, triumphant victory, the Lord knew better. As it turned out, once the Americans regained Boston and were able to assess its defensive conditions under British occupation, they realized that, though their planned assault may very well have succeeded, it could not have done so without immense carnage.

Sometimes, when plans seem to go awry…they aren’t.


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