and now…"Throwing in the Towel!"

Most of us have heard that motivational pearl ‘Winners never quit, and quitters never win’. So it can be a little confounding to realize that, in fact, a person can quit, and end up still winning.

Following the French attack against Washington’s troops, [see previous post] (to avenge the deaths of their men in the forest ambush), and Washington’s surrender, the future first President of the United States of America threw in the towel. It is spectacular to me to learn that George Washington had been expecting his Virginia Regiment to become part of the regular British army, and he himself an officer therein. How much less was his own vision of his future, than the one God had in store for for him! (‘Less’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.) And not only was Washington’s a lesser vision, it was headed in the exact opposite direction of his divine Destiny. I have to cheer for the Lord and His faithfulness to His plan for our nation. He used Washington’s discouragement to steer him in the right direction.

George’s ambitions towards a military career were now seriously thwarted. After his defeat and surrender to the French, the Virginia regiment was disbanded. Hopes of possible advancement in a future endeavor were dashed as well – colonial officers would no longer be allowed to rise above the rank of captain. And all colonial officers of whatever rank would be subordinate to regular British army ranks. With such a reorganization of ranking protocol, Washington saw only demotion in his future…unwilling to accept that, he resigned his commission.

He quit.

(Well, we all know the story doesn’t end there! And so it may hold true for many of you today, that what you think is over in your life may just be a changing of direction, or a temporary hiatus, a step back to re-group or the re-fueling necessary to move forward once again on the right path, the true path of your destiny! )

Thank you, as always, to my readers, may God bless you all, especially those of you who at this time may be uncertain about your own future.



2 responses to “and now…"Throwing in the Towel!"

  1. Merry Christmas to you as well, Blue…actually, I was just doing some editing & as I scrolled past 'Throwing in the Towel', I stopped, wondered if anyone would be reading this post anytime soon, and at that very moment, I think you were !

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