Moving on to Thomas Jefferson…

…in the struggle of competing ideologies today for control of the modern world, it is certain that if American policies, based on the tradition of Jefferson, prevail, whatever regime for the government of international affairs is established will recognize the right of mankind to be free.” (Introduction, I. Jefferson’s Political Significance, The Political Writings of Thomas Jefferson, edit. Dumbauld)

Have you ever heard anyone say that, the more they learn about a topic, the more they realize how much they don’t know? Well, that’s how I’m feeling right about now. ‘Moving on to Thomas Jefferson’ is producing a distinct sudden awareness of my lack of awareness!!

Beginning my initial pokings and probings into Jefferson’s background and achievements, I doubted that I was going to be able to find that thread of God’s hand in our third President’s life, as I had in George Washington’s. Frankly, I wasn’t feeling any passion. Certainly, Thomas Jefferson must have been just as important as Washington. He was a Founding Father, after all! But I have got to say, I really needed a spark to ignite some fire in me.

Sometimes you have exactly what you need, right in front of you, and don’t realize it. May I suggest to my readers that it is sometimes a mistake to ignore the Introduction in the book you’re reading! Bingo! I was holding the answer right in my hands. I am almost overjoyed to be able to say that the fire in this furnace is now roaring! I am ‘Moving on to Thomas Jefferson’ with great anticipation, thrilled to be learning of the magnitude of his contributions to the enduring system of government that exists in the United States of America.

Please join me as, moving on, I learn more and more about the mind and the man without whose influence this extraordinary land of America could have turned out much differently.


5 responses to “Moving on to Thomas Jefferson…

  1. What I know of Jefferson is that he is a man of many conflicts. Many of his words didn’t agree with his actions, or even his feelings during a different time period.I don’t think you can get a hold on Jefferson’s life without looking at it in relation to that of John Adams. Their letters to each other later in life are perhaps the greatest collection of political writing produced by our country.

  2. I'm excited about this series of posts on Thomas Jefferson now! I don't know a whole lot about him. The biggest thing I do associate him with is the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis & Clark Expedition. I'm anxious for more!

  3. @ Andy -Yes, I've seen that aspect of Jefferson mentioned in several books I'm looking into getting for my research…Thanks for the heads-up on John Adams. I had thought it might not be smart to pass over John Adams, that I'd surely miss some things I should know about!@ Rebecca -Yes, me, too! I wish I didn't have to work, so I could really dive into this & stay w/it !

  4. Pat, that is so sweet of you to say…I'm torn between Christmas stuff & getting back to work on new posts! Got a new book on Jefferson, and another is on the way. Can't wait!!!

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