…concerning Liberty

Unable to stay away, I find myself ‘back at the drawing board”! Reading just the Preface and Acknowledgements (not even at the Introduction yet!) of another book on Jefferson, acquired today, I’m too elated to wait ’til after Christmas to post…this will be short, as I’ve been up since 2 AM and feeling punchy at the moment…

I cannot believe how blithely, how ignorantly I have been walking through my life on this earth, in this state of existence that crosses over into the infinite, how every day I have taken for granted the precious and divine condition of liberty that has abounded and surrounded, that has overflowed and overtaken those of us blessed enough to be dwelling in this land of America. When the Scripture says, “..unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” (Ephesians 3: 20), when the Scripture tells us in the second chapter of Corinthians that men have neither seen, nor heard, nor imagined what God has in store for those who love Him, while most assuredly these words are intended to reveal other truths and realities concerning God’s nature, concerning God’s plans and His works…I believe that a slice of this reality was imparted to our planet, made to take root and grow, to spring forth and bear fruit, watered by bloodshed, passion, and sacrifice, so that men may know and partake of the liberty that is in God, and Him alone.


3 responses to “…concerning Liberty

  1. I know what you mean Christina, so many people don’t even know the true history of our great nation. They know nothing about the God loving and fearing men who helped create the United States. It seems to me some of our youth have no idea of what has been sacrificed for them so they can enjoy the freedoms that they have. Thank you for sharing it on your website. God bless and peace be with you.

  2. @ d2r2I’m not familiar w/that song, but somehow I think I’m getting the ‘feel’ of it…!@ ThomasYou know, Thomas, though what you say is very true, since that was once me, I can’t fault anyone for being unaware…only the Lord can open anyone’s eyes, right? I sometimes feel like I’m walking on a cloud, having been given this amazing gift, this opportunity to write about such things!

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