uh, about Guantanamo…

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Well, maybe one more ‘political’-type post, before I return to my recent topics of slavery and/or Thomas Jefferson…I see now how this can become addictive…
John McCain was the first guest on Fox News Sunday w/Chris Wallace, a favorite political forum talk show of mine. (Chris Wallace is great, he doesn’t let his guest evade a question. His dogged pursuit of an answer, when necessary, without offending the person trying to sidestep an issue, really impresses me.) (btw, that is not John McCain in the picture w/Mr. Wallace.) Anyway, about the Senator …

I personally felt so encouraged, so confirmed even, to see the Senator sitting there with Chris. He seemed relaxed but clear on what he had to say. Not pushy, but a bit more definite-sounding than during the campaign, I thought. He was introduced as the man to whom President Obama would be turning for advice, as he tackles a main issue of new ways to handle our war on terrorism.

The closing of Guantanamo was addressed right off the bat. Senator McCain’s perspective has helped mine. Because Guantanamo Bay prison has become a symbol, in the worst sense, for America, resurrecting images of Abu Ghraib, McCain was in favor of the order to begin closing it down. This I understand. His objections to the decision included the timing of the announcement, or perhaps I should say, in the order of necessary events, it should’ve taken place further down the line. First it needs to be decided where then shall the prisoners be housed? What about future detainees yet to be apprehended? What if we catch bin Laden? Where will he be held? McCain feels that these other issues should’ve taken priority, both on the President’s schedule and when announced.

It was also mentioned that a previously-released prisoner has since either returned to, or joined al Qaeda as one of their leaders. (I didn’t catch the name, but a photo was shown.) This is not good.

Finally, concerning the torture question…while watching Meet the Press, I heard it mentioned that a sort of ‘back-door’ clause had left a loophole for a re-introduction of more hard line questioning of terrorism suspects, if it was deemed advisable. (I had read about this, but had also read that such clause should not be looked at as a ‘loophole’ – except, that, as I see it, it IS a loophole.) The phrase: “enhanced interrogation techniques”. One of the panel participants (again, didn’t catch the name, sorry) informed us that lawyers call this ‘purposeful ambiguity’. Meaning, the door to torture is not really closed.

To which I say, “Rock on!!” for ‘purposeful ambiguity’…


2 responses to “uh, about Guantanamo…

  1. Do you need contributions to keep you alive online? This is tragic news for me… but I have faith you are receiving blessings, and not the other way around.I also have it in my wee mind that Obama has closed the facility because it is an obsolete system. If it is meant to deter suicide bombers, it is not doing its job.I suspect it was slated to be closed anyway, Obama took the opportunity to make it look like his idea. All my own conjecture, but part of my appeal to see the movement underneath things.I do not like the idea of you being “off line.” Please explain: patdarnell@aol.com …send email?

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