Concerning US Troop Withdrawal…

(Excerpts: “Iraq Withdrawal Can Only Work with Pressure on Iran and Syria” -Walid Phares, FOX News Contributor

“If the terrorist forces operating against the Coalition and the Iraqi Government are to vanish as soon as the U.S. pulls out, the withdrawal plan (any version of it) will be smooth and successful.”
My comment: In what universe is this going to happen?


“Iran’s leadership will sit down, talk, and sometimes listen — but it will at the same time continue its actions on the ground until it fulfills its own “mission.”….To penetrate, influence and seize 60% of Iraq from Baghdad to Basra as U.S. forces are withdrawing and certainly after the pull out. [Iran will use} special groups, the Mahdi Army, assassinations, infiltration in Government, etc….”
My comment: Extremists lie. Then they do what they want.


“…the success of the Obama plan will hinge on the capacity of his Administration to stop the flow of Jihadism from Syria and Saudi Arabia {into Iraq}.”
The article’s author states the need for quickly filling the ‘void’ left by final US troop withdrawal .
My question: how specifically would this be accomplished? Isn’t it in fact the presence of our troops that keeps a void from even existing in the first place?

Read entire article by FOX News contributor Walid Phares


2 responses to “Concerning US Troop Withdrawal…

  1. You must better read Dr Phares article. Yes, 50,000 US military can continue to support the Iraqi armed forces in fighting Terrorism and deter Iran. The rest of the troops should be sent to Afghanistan and some kept in reserves until we need them on other battlefields.

  2. Beth, I got the impression Phares was concerned despite the 35-50,000 troops that are supposed to remain in that area. Plus, by 2011, ALL our forces are to leave Iraq.I believe the hope is that the Iraqi army will be able to handle their enemies by that time. But since we can’t know that now….there is concern.

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