…so What is It with this whole ‘First Lady’ Thing?

Yesterday I was reading an article about the rise in Michelle Obama’s popularity ratings. Having read as well many of the comments on the article, I find that, a day later, I am still more than a little bit aggravated as concerns the need of many to put-down. Don’t get me started…too late, people, I’m headin’ for the warpath…! I woke up this morning forming this post in my mind, and though I’ve detoured onto checking stats, e-mail, etc., & feeling guilty for not getting started cleaning! I have officially caved in to my need to express this aggravation…

This topic can be approached from various angles, not just the ‘put-down’ one. There’s the whole ‘projection’ issue, too… and why are we even doing any of this in the first place? Who made us judges of another, judges of a woman following her man who is following the call of his God? How arrogant are we! Really, right now, I am teed-off enough that I don’t know whether to cry, throw something at the wall, or spit! (And yes, I realize I’m probably reacting to people judging me, as well, I get that…sorry, back to Michelle…)

There is no doubt that a whole host of issues are wrapped up in this woman. And we, as what have been termed ‘sentient beings’ (on various Star Trek episodes!) feel, think, react, and express (as I am doing right now.) And it does occur to me that some people are unable to control their reactions, (again, me right now…) this observation not meant as a put-down, btw, just an observation, that’s all. Some people are bi-polar, have chemical or other imbalances…for the rest of us, however, my question is – why are we going for the jugular, right out of the gate? Why do many if not most of us zoom in on the negative?


Again, a whole host of answers are most likely possible. Jealousy and insecurity get my vote, or a sense of powerlessness.

So I refer the reader to the timeless advice of one of my favorite authors, the apostle Paul (who really got attacked, btw, and more than just verbally…) –

“…whatsoever things are true…honest…just…pure…lovely…of good report…virtue…praise, think on these things.” (Philippians 4: 8)


Here we have the original ‘positive-thinking’ teaching. Its roots are found in the Word and mind and heart of God, and it is a powerful antidote to the ugliness of gossip and spite.

And I know it’s often not easy, nor fun, to change our thinking. We’d rather player-hate. The sin nature dwells in the flesh, and flesh is what we’re used to and comfortable in. Unfortunately, the sin nature in the flesh produces such things as hatred, envy & strife. Vicious stuff. So it’s good to know we have help. You save yourself as well as others when you try to “think on these {positive} things” .

And, lest it should appear that I think I’m above all this, and never focus on the negative…not true. Oh, yeah, I do tend to think I’m riding ‘above it all’… until I realize that my mind is filled with the awareness of all the negative aspects of the current situation, or the people around me…I’m just not saying it. out loud. I really try to not make things worse. So that’s a starting point…we all need to try to not make things worse, when we have the opportunity.

May the Lord help us all to think differently. May His hand continue to be upon our nation, and may He guide and protect those who serve in its government and its defense.


2 responses to “…so What is It with this whole ‘First Lady’ Thing?

  1. I have always been in favor of a well timed, furtive, delivery of a unit of spit…. sufficient to punctuate the cause.My now departed High School Coach, Sanford Carr, used to say to us when we were injured on the fields of battle: “Spit on it, and rub some dirt on it.”Only thirty years later did I realize this was his reverent allusion to Jesus giving sight to the blind man.

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