on a more Personal Note…

Now that the Fourth of July has come and gone, I’m thinking it’s time to get back to my writing here…well, I’m vacillating as to what direction to take. I’d ‘scheduled’ myself to publish a follow-up post to my Israel piece, one focusing on the Palestinian perspective. I just can’t seem to muster up the focus & discipline needed to actually do that!

Here’s what happened:

After being immersed in such topics as slavery, Guantanamo, terrorism & counter-terrorism, and diving into other topics such as Presidential issues, earmarks, the Middle East wars, U.S torture policy…and so on and so forth…I needed a break from it all. I needed a break from serious reading and research of any kind, on any topic!! So I did something I haven’t done in awhile: I rummaged through my piles on never-read fiction novels, with only one goal in mind, finding something all light and fluff! No serious reading for me, not for awhile. Nothing current events-y, no Revolutionary fare, either. Maybe some Patricia Cornwell, some kind of murder mystery or perhaps a romance with a suspenseful twist…

So that’s where my head has been lately.

But as it turned out, I did come across a ‘twist’. Just not a suspenseful one – and I found, for me, there really is no escape! Any of my readers familiar with C.S.Lewis will perhaps recall that Lewis referred to God as the great Hound of Heaven, may I say ‘doggedly’ (?) pursuing him, unrelenting in His quest. Well, in a rather humorous version of such Divine determination, I found myself most surprisingly confronted with the very thing I was (so I thought) escaping – and smack dab in the middle of my escape route too!

I’d unearthed a novel I’d completely forgotten I had, about a subject I rarely read. Its title was two-fold, a kind of lead-in mini novel called “Enchantment”, followed by the meatier “Bridge of Dreams“. Long story short, we’re talking two hundred year-old ill-fated loves & unsolved murders, an ancestral English manor, and its guardian ghost. Not my customary fare. believe me, but I was looking for something different, and let me tell you, this was it! Set in Kent, England, I found the tale most absorbing. The scenarios switch back and forth, from the late 1700’s to the present day.

So, the tale is weaving its magic, and I’m ensconced in it, when unbelievably…seriously, folks, unbelievably ! who do you think steps into the room? (the ‘room’ being Adrian Draycott’s study, in 18th. century England) Let me give it to you verbatim –

“…From now on I trust no one.” (Adrian speaking.)

“Not even me, Lord Ashton?” The fluid, cultured male voice had something foreign about it as it drifted from the doorway. The speaker was a tall man, with a high, arched nose and eyes of keen, cutting blue.

Gabriel stared at the American statesman who had already made a name for himself in England and France. “Is that you, Jefferson?…”

Just knock me over with a feather at this point! For the next two pages, and sprinkled here and there after that, our Founding Father briefly engaged with the hero and heroine of the novel, racing against time, flying through the night in a horse-drawn carriage, desperately trying to reach safety and save the heroine’s life!

Despite my ‘need for a break from it all’, I was delighted! The story plot actually involved an element of the French Revolution, and that was in part how Thomas Jefferson made his appearance. I didn’t see it coming, though! What a treat! Jefferson’s time ‘on stage’ was well-handled, and actually very believable.

So now, I have no gumption at all to pursue Palestinian issues, yet am also loathe to not do so. I don’t want to leave the subject unfinished.

Compounding my reluctance to stay ‘current’, I have begun reading ‘The 5,000 Year Leap’, (after reading AndyD’s review (Political Friends blog) of it & then getting the book!) and the pull to sink back into things Revolutionary is gaining momentum!

So I’m hoping to work this quandary out over the weekend. Stay tuned!

2 responses to “on a more Personal Note…

  1. Good luck with the reading. If you get stuck, close your eyes and think, "Andy is working on Atlas Shrugged, at least I don't have that 1000 page monster in front of me."I love reading history / politics /and current events. However, I find that about every third or fourth book I read has to be something light and without deep meaning. I have a stack of John D MacDonald books in case I am ever really in need of a book that has nothing heavy in it.Good luck on both books, and let me know what you think of the 5,000 year leap

  2. "working on' is definitely the right term to use to describe reading a 1,000 page book!But I'm moving right along w/Leap. I've already talked about it work, am referencing it in the post I'm working on now, and have seriously plugged it (and '1776') in a USAToday online comment. So you know I'm more than interested in this book! Will keep you posted…

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