Don’t Wanna Say ‘I told you so’ but…(OK, Yes,I do!)

I’m in the middle of working on another post, and have also been offered some blogging help by fellow blogger AndyD, who will be guest-writing in the near future (once we decide on a topic) – BUT – while backtracking this AM to a piece I’d bookmarked back in February, I came across this Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde comparison to our President in a NRO article.
Because it so *totally mirrors & confirms my early-on suspicions, I feel vindicated. Yet, at the same time, sorrow tugs at my heart.

I left this comment on over a year ago:

“I am not an Obama supporter, but am not antagonistic towards him. So far, anyway. The media and money aspect certainly do tend to power, but people who will vote for him in Nov. aren’t going to necessarily be voting for him b/c of this power. He can, as LanternBearer says, ‘wing a speech’ very well. His presentation of himself will win voters, in large part, I think.”

In ‘Dr. Barack and Mr. Obama’, Victor Davis Hanson, in National Review Online, writes the following:

People assumed that his easy rhetoric was not a result of studied preparation or superficial style, but a natural reflection of honesty and sincerity.”


“Now nearly half the country is not merely distrustful of him, but increasingly viscerally angry at him as well.”

“…it took millions of Americans months of fair and judicious examination to conclude that Obama’s real weaknesses were his once-advertised strengths:… The present Mr. Obama looks and sounds like the old Dr. Barack, but he surely does not act anything like the candidate who persuaded America.”

Check out the NRO article.

* not necessarily referring to my being ‘simpatico’ w/every detail in this article by Mr. Hanson – rather the general principle indicated by the details.


5 responses to “Don’t Wanna Say ‘I told you so’ but…(OK, Yes,I do!)

  1. I feel like at this moment in time space and architecture, I have no voice in what happens next. It is the first time I have ever felt this way.I would say this if I had a voice: "Barry, old boy, you must fight fire with water.""If we seeded their sky [Afghan and Iran\Iraq] and made it rain in the desert, and on the mountains, the whole nasty cat and mouse business would be moot. Get it?"But I truly think if I sent that in to Obama, he would just go to his next appointment.I did, by the way, send that proposal to Dubya. He never got back to me either. Oh well. I'm just haggardly eat up with it.

  2. "I feel like at this moment in time space and architecture, I have no voice in what happens next." Well, we want to hear His voice, & go with that, right? So, maybe right now, you aren't getting anything but, Jesus is on speaking terms with His people, so just keep an ear open…

  3. I believe that the Lord put Barack Obama in power so that the Lord can judge the United States for sin.The Lord puts people in power who He wants. The Lord told me not to vote for anyone in 2008.In 2006 I had a dream about an earthquake that destroys Las Vegas. The Lord did a good job of bombing the hell out of New Orleans in 2005. The Lord always judges sin in the earth.I have been hitchhiking the United States for most of 14 years now. Sometimes I feel like I am a spy for the Lord; I get all kinds of great information on the road. A month or two ago I met a guy who told me he met a Christian lady from Virginia back in the 1990s: she said that the Lord was going to judge New Orleans and Haiti. Looks like she was right on target.New Orleans and Haiti were former French colonies. The French have never been known to send out Christian missionaries. Where there is no Light of Christ, darkness always takes over. Remember Sodom and

  4. See, the thing is, while I don't have answers to earthquakes & other catastrophes, I'm bothered by the Christian at times obsession with judgement. All judgement was given to Jesus by the Father, but didn't He say, I judge no man? He came to save the world, not judge it, so I have to question all this judgement talk.It is true, after Haiti, I thought of voodoo, witchcraft, etc., & was this God's work against it? But I think we need to be careful in ascribing what we believe to be the attitude of the Lord towards situations…maybe there's another angle. Covenant. I wonder, is it more a case of, being in blood covenant with God through Christ is where one finds protection, not being in a covenant with the dark powers. Ultimately, we need to be in Christ, & it needs to be done His way. The alternative may be, an earthquake hits & there is, for many, no protection. But then, maybe, the suffering will point the way to the One who can save.So judgement becomes mercy.And…I know what you mean about feeling like you're a spy for the Lord! That is so cool…

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