another Personal Note…

I know I’ve said this before, more than once, but the miracle in my heart continues & I am almost compelled to sound the trumpet yet again.

I think about the days of Revolution more & more. I realized today that I want to go back in time & be a part of it. What it must have been like in those days is barely conceivable! Can you imagine the excitement of shaping a nation?? I feel a discernible sense of camaraderie with the men who met in Philadelphia in 1787 to forge & frame a new Constitution for a young America. I remember reading that Jefferson was not present and wanted, so wanted! to be…he was living in Paris, our ambassador to France, an ocean away, and felt left out, being in a sense excluded from what he termed “the assembly of demi-gods”. (Lerner, Max – Thomas Jefferson: America’s Philosopher-King) And god-like it was, I can see that now, to have been in such a place at such a time, such an amazing, amazing time in history!

This afternoon, I began reading a book entitled “How We Choose a Congress” . Every word came alive. It was almost as if I was there, on Capitol Hill, somehow involved. The saga continues, the dream lives on. The pricelessness of what we have here in America stuns me. The moments when I realize this are the moments of reality clear, true and brilliant. By stark contrast, the many other moments of my day & life, the humdrum, uneventful or so-so times that make up the fabric of a day or week…are causing me to wonder, how long have I been asleep? What am I doing with this gift of life & Liberty? I am coming late, way late to an awareness of the miracle, and find myself re-assessing priorities.


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