The Centrality of our Constitution

Where do I begin?

If the passion hasn’t gripped you , or America’s early history at least presented intrigue, then my next statements will fall flat. Dudsville. If we were in a face-to-face, you’d be looking at me funny…it’s happened before!! (Not that long ago, either…) In an apparently ill-chosen moment with a poorly-selected subject, I tried to express my vivid sense of the ‘here & now’ continued existence and presence of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln…men of destiny. They live on. There was an instant when I felt I was walking with them, invigorated, having fellowship. Having entered their heart’s desire myself, and having found it to be vital & alive, still beating in the spirit, I found them there as well. Absence of their physical beings matters not. They are alive.

So today, this sense of connection & continuity appears again, as I’m gaining more understanding of the basic mechanics of government, (which understanding has begun to grow as a result of even small attempts to learn about, and the specifics of, our Constitution.) I know that I keep using words like ‘amazing’ and ‘stunned’, and I apologize for repetitiveness! (so I will refrain from their use right now) but they so make the point!!! Besides the Word of God, I cannot fathom any other written works, EVER, to be, or to have been, so priceless. Wrought with such wisdom and resulting in such enduring democratic governance. I think of the Genesis 1 description of the earth being ‘without form,and void’, and ‘darkness was upon the face of the deep.’ It occurs to me that, until recently, this would’ve been a pretty accurate description of my knowledge of our Constitution, and the structure of our nation’s government. But just as God moved upon those dark waters, and started speaking shape & form & structure into existence, so is He now doing with me. Light entered. It is starting to make sense now…more than make sense, the power of God is exploding, and it is exploding in my personal Constitutional epiphany.

Talk about the ‘Big Bang Theory’ !

My point is that getting an understanding of the structure & function of government today underscores potently the words, plans & activities of the Founding Fathers, because this is what they produced. They are IN IT. We are co-workers with them! Americans can carry on the legacy of the Revolution. But they cannot do it by side-stepping or skipping over the Constitution of the United States of America. The answers lie therein.

“…citizens have evidently not been teaching the Constitution and its history to their children for many generations…” ( B.Johnson, comment on the subject of state sovereignty, a 10th. Amendment principle)

More to come…just getting started!

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