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It is now two days after Christmas. While lovin’ the whole holiday scenario, still…glad it’s over! (My work environment being of the retail genre’ is probably the main reason for my sense of relief…) And I wish I could say that I am relaxed & focused now, but such is not the case. My mind, at this moment, reminds me of a kaleidoscope, with easily shifting shapes forming and re-forming various colorful images. Each of which (once I sort them out!) is prompting me to investigate, which means: to write about! Fortunately (or not, depending on how ya look at it), my hours at work have been cut, so I will actually have the time to do this…

The ‘kaleidoscope’ metaphor refers to the multiple impressions I’m carrying in my head from an earlier viewing of ‘Meet the Press’ this morning, plus a most intriguing &, I think, spot-on short segment about Moses on CBS’ ‘Sunday Morning’ with Charles Osgood. (‘Sunday Morning’, btw – not a religious show). (The Moses bit might be a separate post, we’ll see how it goes…) Then, starting to check out the ‘Sunday Morning’ website, I happened across an article I almost wish I hadn’t. Segments from an interview with a former CIA operative have me headed back to the issue of terrorism, an issue with which we will not be finished anytime soon.

Speaking of which, by now most of us are aware of the attempted blowing-up of Northwest Delta Flight 253 on Christmas Day, on its approach to Detroit Metropolitan airport. Swift and heroic action on the part of passengers & crew averted horror in the skies and on the ground. The hand of God, through men, was strong and an ever-present help in time of danger, and I am deeply, deeply grateful. As should be all of America. But it was a close call, and perhaps we needed this reminder to remain vigilant & prayerful, to be concerned about & support our military men and women, and to understand that this evil is still attempting to spread to our shores.


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