and Again…Guantanamo

I’m keepin’ this one brief.

Now I’m seeing headlines about the pressure being on not to hold the detainee trials in New York City. Thank you! (sarcasm intended…) And I also recently read that approximately 50 detainees have been recommended by the Obama administration for indefinite detention at the big G., (for now anyway.) (Miami Herald)

What have some of us been saying all along?

Other state governors/officials don’t want those trials anywhere near them, either. New York ain’t the only one, folks…”But a growing number of lawmakers in the president’s own party say they would rather not have the proceedings in their states.” (USA Today) Rather what? That reads ‘not’, right? Two of those ‘rather not’ states are Pennsylvania and Virginia. The thumbs-down opposition list includes : Diane Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee,(Washington Independent) (courtesy of ProPublica), Virginia Senator Jim Webb, U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg, U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, “Even with any special funding, we’re still opposed to it,” {Alexandria, VA} city spokesman Tony Castrilli said. (Bear in mind, that ‘special funding’ amount would be $200 mil, nothing to sneeze at…but these people aren’t buying it)

As it turns out, in cases like these, trials can be held anywhere the hijackers traveled in the course of plotting the attacks. Cities such as Boston and San Diego fall into this category, and so does the state of Florida. Wonder how the good folks living in those areas will feel about it…

2 responses to “and Again…Guantanamo

  1. @" … (Bear in mind, that 'special funding' amount would be $200 mil, nothing to sneeze at…but these people aren't buying it) … "all I can emote: YIKES!! by the curse of Judas Isc. Again — YIKES!!

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