"The Light and the Glory"

It seems to be a principle of God that, prior to ‘visions and revelations’’ of or from Himself, the one who will receive them often goes through hard times, one way or another. I refer the reader to 2 Corinthians 11, verses 23 through chapter 12, verse one. The apostle Paul went through some tough times, but I’ve always had the impression he ’got it’, in regards to Jesus, like no one else, possibly even to this day.

Well…I’ve been through over two horrendous weeks, and that’s all I’m going to say, but I think I have an idea why. (Besides the very real possibility that I’m doing everything wrong!!! )

I don’t know how we make it through life without losing our minds. Actually, some of us don’t. But a friend from my past once said he took the fact that we (meaning, at the time, he & I) Christians haven’t ‘lost it’ as proof that we are on the right track. In the Lord, so much seems to be reversed, or because of law, becomes convoluted. And with at times (often frequently) overwhelming amounts of everything else we have to deal with, handle, manage etc., etc. – how does a person find a place within all the traffic & chaos of life to sit down & get a hold of things? Sort out truth from fiction, or should I say ‘lies’? We rob Peter to pay Paul, and time needed for this has to be subtracted from time needed for that…some things are gonna fall through the cracks. And though this site, by its very title, and my writings, might cause some to assume that I am a person who surely trusts God to catch all that falls through those cracks, I must tell you that it is not that easy for me. I wish it were. I would not say I envy those who trust Him easily & fully, but…if you are one of those persons, your treasure is great.

Well…not sure where that rant came from! but I think it somehow ties in to what I’m intending to write! We’ll see…

Peter Marshall and David Manuel, authors of “The Light and the Glory“, borrowed those words and their import from a letter John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail, just hours after the passing of the Declaration of Independence – “I am well aware,” wrote Adams, “of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the gloom I can see rays of ravishing light and glory. I can see that the end is worth more than all the means.”

Once again, the Founders bring me to tears. And yet again, my conviction in the hand of God most purposefully at work in the birthing of American is confirmed.

When I started this blog two years ago, I naively thought that my observations of Divine patterns & events (as I saw, and see them) during, prior to and after, the Revolutionary years, were nearly unique. No one had ever shown me such things, nor had I read or heard of them before. And while I still would surmise that perhaps even a majority of Americans today have never heard of the same, and may scoff…I now know, there have been others. Yeah, baby! Start researching this topic, and books on it start jumping out at you. I had to restrain myself from willy-nilly ordering one after another…!

“The Light and the Glory” (published in 1977) is one such book. I am quoting from the inside front flap – and this, btw, when I read it in an online book description, was all I needed to ‘hear’ before I put in my order! – “Never before has the saga of the founding of America been told from the point of view that God had a plan for this country, and that He intervened repeatedly to ensure that it had a chance of coming to pass. This is the story of the discovery of that plan, and how it dramatically affects the conventional view of our nation’s history – and purpose.”

Normally, I get a new book & read up to about page 30-something, then my interest seems to wane, or wander…or something. I am now on page 29 and just gettin’ started…!

Next post: Christopher Columbus…


4 responses to “"The Light and the Glory"

  1. Good luck with the book, it sounds like a page turner.You are not alone in your belief that God played a unique role in our founding. Imagine if the events surrounding that Declaration of Independence had happened a generation later, or a generation earlier. I think you can make a strong argument that the generation that faced our founding was uniquely, dare I say hand picked, to be there.

  2. There is a book that you may have already read: "America's Providential History". I have read a little of it. It is very good.There is another book: "Faith and Freedom: The Christian Roots of American Democracy." I don't know the author of this book or the other book; I'm sure you can find it on Google.All you have to do is read about the miracles in The Revolutionary War and you can see the Hand of God at work in the forming of the United States. Also, there is a famous vision that George Washington had while he was at Valley Forge; it was a vision about the future of this country.

  3. Tim, you aren't really gonna leave me hanging, are you?!!! Where can I read about this vision? I'm only familiar with the dream Washington had shortly before his death, which indicated his death.Once you start to see the patterns, I don't understand how anyone could doubt the hand of God at work in America's birth, except maybe an atheist. The more I learn, the more huge it gets. Now, I can hardly believe I wasn't aware of it all along! It is so obvious!!Thanks for the 411 on the books – pretty sure I've seen the 2nd. one in my 'travels'…next book on my reading list is 'The Ideological Roots of the American Revolution', Bernard Bailyn, I think. After that, possibly 'Redeemer Nation'…

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