a Quick Update

The impact of the passage of the Health Care Reform bill, coupled with an increasingly slow computer have together rendered me almost inoperable, as far as ‘God, History and You’ goes. There are no posts partly written, or even started. Pages take so long to build that I’m not even current on publishing comments, that’s how sluggish the system is at this point…email doesn’t get checked, let alone answered! Aaaaggh!!

I recently decided, in a moment of resolute determination, that something had to change. For way too long now, I ve been spending huge chunks of time (i.e., my life!) online, with little to show for it. So began the search for an external hard drive, which, up ’til this point, I didn’t even know existed. I have been absolutely driven this past week or so, relentless in my quest for an accelerated online experience! And unable to concentrate or focus on much else…

In a few days, I should be the owner of a Seagate Expansion external drive…we’ll see how it goes…my hopes are high! Mission accomplished, I am beginning to re-focus. I should be back in the swing of things in ‘blog world’ very soon. It is not a good thing, when I am not writing…


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