REPEAL ! …and, an Observation on Hillary

It is with a wonderful sense of joy that, once again, I find myself sitting down to write. Though only about three weeks since my last post, in ‘blog world’ that’s a long time. And in my world, it feels like months! I am so happy right now!

When Hillary Clinton campaigned against Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, I had thought, impressive, but I don’t know if I would cast my vote for her, should she best him. My only reason for that mindset was that she wanted to set a date for troops withdrawal from Iraq. I’ve always contended for ‘conditions on the ground’ being the deciding factor.

Watching her on ”Meet the Press’ this morning, once again I thought, impressive. Deeply so. (Not alot impresses me, and that shouldn’t matter to anyone, I’m just sayin’…) It is said that, over time, a husband & wife begin to actually physically resemble one another more and more. As Hillary spoke, I saw shadings of President Clinton in her tone, her manner, and even in her facial features. There was no brashness. Her calm and steady grasp of the issues drew me. Understanding them was easy.

Should she ever give it another go ’round, I would seriously reconsider my position.

Having said that, however…the media image shown of she & President Obama jubilantly embracing upon the passage of Healthcare Reform was like a bucket of ice water in my face. Numbing. So, if that day ever comes, I’m hoping that, by then, this bill will have been repealed/ revamped.

And since we’re on the subject –
“Now that Heath Care legislation has passed, the obvious question for opponents is this: Now What? My answer is best summed up with just one word:
( Michael Boldin, Freedom in One Word)

Check out the article, it’s not long…and Boldin makes a cogent point.

And, since we’re still on the subject –
I cannot get past the mandate incumbent upon each one us, as American citizens, to acquire health insurance – whether we want it or not, whether we can afford it or not. I cannot get past that. There is no way that American liberty can be reconciled with such a government dictate. Whatever good or benefit may be produced as a result of such federal control is not worth it. Even Biblical principle enjoins us, warning that there is no profit in gaining the whole world, should you lose your own soul (your freedom, your very life) in the process.

Yuval Levin, editor of National Affairs and a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, presents us with some very clear thinking on the Obamacare issue. Levin calls this reform plan an “… unmitigated disaster…” on several fronts, one being “…for any notion of limited government.” But he believes that, since this plan will not get into full swing for four more years, this disaster can still be averted. As do I.

A longish read, but very much worth it: “REPEAL – Why and how Obamacare must be undone”

“Obama wants to enslave Americans with big government, but it won’t work because there are too many freedom-loving people in the United States.” – comment by reader Tim Shey on my post ‘Re-Visiting Pre-election Concerns’



6 responses to “REPEAL ! …and, an Observation on Hillary

  1. Hillary had the nomination stolen from her. See videos of caucus states fraud: I also was stunned by the image of her "jubilation" with obama at the passing of obamacare. I think this was contrived. Knowing Hillary, she has an agenda. This administration is, IMHO, practicing the adage, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer". They may be keeping her stifled for now but she may surprise us all. (I hope).

  2. toni, thanks for this video link, you rock !But Hillary was always a proponent of healthcare reform, though…she would have been overjoyed at its passage.,right? I'd forgotten about that, 'til I saw that pic. But anyway, you seem to be politically savvy, & I love these insightful comments!And even though she's indicated a kind of thumbs-down on future runs for the Presidency, I've continued to sense that she still just might do it again. If she does, I think she'll win.

  3. "Now What? My answer is best summed up with just one word: …"Turbocuarinecurare liana (America)Originally used by natives to poison arrow tips. Muscle relaxant for surgery; to treat muscle disorders like Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis. Cannot be synthesized in the lab.Or … vincristine, vinblastinerosy periwinkle (Madagascar)pediatric leukemia, Hogkin's diseaseOr … Amorphophallus paeoniifolius"Nature around us, still astounds us, beauty felt within…. " (old camp song)

  4. 2nd Visit today — Also, not to be a thorn in your [….] nor a practitioner of tangential mechanics to divert attention… no not even trying to be cute; here is a different kind of interview transcript you might find applicable. feel the problemo is three sided. Yes, One is applied science of health care; Two is fresh water supply; Three is food and medicine, as in FDA. ?? No?Let me make this personal:Looking back I have never been able to afford healthcare in any form. Even with ample group health insurance I have gone into debt almost every time we needed extensive medical attention for any of our immediate family of eight. Six children from birth to adult hoods, what a nightmare to provide logical, affordable, health care… And, at 87 my father and mother, God love them, are anxious about "out-living the money."I don't know anyone today in my circle of family and friends who can honestly say "I am covered and my family is covered in the event of longterm medical emergency or so on.." blah blah blah blecch!Bureaucrats like Hillary and Barry, on the government payroll, with cushy pensions are no judge to any kind of healthcare reforms. They are simply idiot savants, without the savants, if you catch my drift.They can dance all they want to. Dance like Mick Jagger..They can waltz, all I care. They can spin like draedals… And the AMA can spend trillions to persuade bureaucrats to dance to their tune, it is out of my hands… out of my league, always was, always will be._________This interview has mention of the Global South… that means food producers… go on and tell me cost of healthcare cannot be lessoned worldwide with proper diet. Go on try to convince me.Flowers rock; and so do forests; and you too.[pd out, for now]

  5. Hey, pd…comment #1 – how do you know things like this?!! Most impressive…comment #2 – (I'm sure you meant 'side', right?) (smiley face here)…I've not had health insurance AT ALL, my whole life, except on my 1st.job, which only lasted about a year. (the job, that is…) And I can't even imagine providing for the Darnell gang…to me it is astonishing that you have done so.Will be checking out that link now, thanks…very behind on everything Internet, still using old computer…

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