Victory in Praise

Sometimes, when the Spirit moves me, I feel inspired to ‘wing it’, no notes, no research, not even sure what my point is! but kind of living on a wing and a prayer. I write out of feeling, inspiration and often passion. And here I go…

For starters, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. It’s been a relief to rest my mind. And because my computer system is almost antiquated and operates accordingly!, it takes interminably long just to pull up, say, The Washington Post. So I’m not pulling up The Washington Post !
Meaning, I’m not keeping up with current events as I normally would. Reading just the headline…or rather, the part that shows up in my e-mail

So while I’m ‘resting’, I’ve been trying to upgrade my Internet experience. Well, that’s a challenge, when you’ve got dial-up! But…I’ve been persevering, and finally got my new netbook connected to the big I. – only to find my Internet access is ‘Restricted’ to just my ISP’s website. Something odd is going on, and I have my suspicions. This whole process has kept my ‘blogging’ on a back burner lately.


Our battles are not against flesh & blood, but against principalities & powers, against rulers of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12) I recalled how, when chained in prison, Paul and Silas “…at midnight…prayed, and sang praises unto God…” (Acts 16:25), and how “…immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed.” Songs of praise unto the Lord can be very powerful. He Himself inhabits praise (Psalm 22:3), so you’ve got the mighty God bursting forth onto the scene!

The victory of Jesus Christ is complete. I can’t tell you exactly how that works out, in practical ways, for you, where you are in your life. I can only tell you that His victory is complete. When you enter into living praise & worship, in spirit & truth, you know that Yeshua Ha Maschia is crowned with many crowns, you know that we have overcome by the name and the blood of the Lamb of God, and you know that in His name, powers of darkness tremble, and Jericho tumbles to the ground.

Unto the mighty God, the Lamb who sits on the throne, to Jesus Christ the King of Israel.
Let His mercy and His greatness be known throughout the land.

This post inspired by the words & music of “Jerusalem Arise!” (Live Worship with Paul Wilbur from the Land of Israel), Hosanna! Music, Integrity Inc. @1999

5 responses to “Victory in Praise

  1. Good luck with the internet. If you get back on, try out Real Clear Politics. They have lots of editorials all grouped into one site. They don't search for just one view point either, they post articles from a number of different points. If you are looking for one source, so you don't have to rely on your internet connection to handle multiple pages, you might like them.

  2. Andy, I appreciate the link…I've seen the site mentioned but never visited it. I can still connect to the Net on my old computer, just extremely slowly most of the time, so I can check this site out.

  3. As you know I have two still in high school… This story was on public radio last night and I thought of you: " … The outcome has far more than regional interest. After California, Texas is the biggest buyer of textbooks in the United States, accounting for nearly 10 percent of the national market. In fact, conservative activists in Texas say they have already received calls from leading publishers anxious to discuss the forthcoming history and social studies adoptions. Many publishers write their books with the Texas and California markets in mind, but complain of political pressure."I refrain to send you any links because I understand your dial-up boondoggle… so I shall further cite this article in NYT: " .. This year, Pearson Prentice Hall is offering 27 other books for adoption in Texas, ranging from texts for first grade social studies to ones for Advanced Placement world history. The potential prize is great: Texas has allocated $700 million over the next two years for textbooks and related materials in history and social studies — a sizable chunk of the nation's $4.5 billion textbook market.Most states, including New York, choose textbooks on a school-by-school or district-by-district basis, but Texas and California buy them through a formal statewide process. The Texas board votes in November, giving the state's schools lists of approved textbooks to choose from. .."[<a href=">NYTIMES SOURCE</a>]Thinking of you, pd

  4. oh yes … also: Improvisational spiritual writing, singing, or playing musical instruments, or any expression in the spirit, allows the wisdom, power and glory of what burns eternal in you and me to come out.. !I have been witness to all these phenomenons. … and Your computer connection is fixed.pd

  5. …and so it is! I am posting this reply from my new computer, having just accessed my first website on it, and I am so…what is the best way to say it? Overwhelmed with relief? that I actually feel sick…!This baby is sweet!!! and there is so much I could say! Where this whole process has taken me, it's been about a month now…and God was ALWAYS in it…when I look back, I can see what He was doing,now that it's completed. I am so grateful….and regarding your first statement,pd, I never cease to be amazed that you & Marinell have six of 'em!

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