Ceasing to be a Free Enterprise Nation?

About a month ago, I was watching an episode of ‘Meet the Press’. As the discussion progressed, I began to discern a mildly alarming trend in it. I’m expecting someone in the group of participants to pick up on it, challenge it, but no one did. I’m sitting there, thinking, “Uh…is this Constitutional? Sounds like a socialist takeover to me…Why isn’t someone saying something?”

The issue up for debate was the financial reform program. Senators Reid, Dodd and Shelby, and host David Grogory, were explaining/debating the different aspects of this & that. What caused my mental ‘ears’ to perk up was when the issue of consumer protection, through “making sure that no financial institution’s going to be unregulated (italics mine) in our country” (Sen.Dodd), was laid out on the table. To prevent the need for any future bailouts, Secretary Geithner, on the previous week’s program, had made the following statements:

“They will make sure if a large institution ever again managed itself to the point where it can’t survive on its own and it has to come for {to?} the government for support, then the government will put it in–put it into receivership, it will wipe out shareholders, it will replace management and board, and will make sure that we wind that firm down. We dismember it. We sell it off so it cannot exist again…”

Let’s just kill our wounded?

How could anyone not see such action as way too much Fed? How is this not anything other than a government takeover? Though it presents itself as redemptive, even necessary, I see a whole other animal here. It only takes one spark to get a fire started, you know…they can get out of control quickly, and the damage can be catastrophic.

I literally thanked God (and probably did an ‘air’ high-five!) when Mr. Gregory said “…but isn’t the bigger question about the role of government here?” Ya think??? And, rock on, David Gregory!!! Later in the program, he reiterated that sentiment, saying that he’d been thinking that week “about the debate {concerning} the role of government in society, in the economy, in our lives generally.”

New York Times columnist David Brooks feels this debate has not only caused but magnified an
’intense polarization’ that is not good for our country, pre-empting what could be more beneficial, bipartisan cooperation’ structuring-focused dialogue. Which sounds good…but…America is, or is supposed to be first of all a “We the People’ kind of government. (Which, the more I realize about this, the more I ‘get it’, how unparalleled, how huge, and how, well, risky! the American venture is, and always has been…fraught with the conflict that comes with being the human species! Conflict unbearable birthed this nation!) So, if the people gravitate towards a stand against big government, which, when reflected in either their own actions or party positions, polarizes…then perhaps cooperation is not in the cards for this particular moment in our history.


In his exemplary article concerning America’s new culture war, Arthur C. Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute and author of “The Battle”, points out that free enterprise “lies at the core of our history and character.” I point out, more specifically, that perhaps the most valiant exercise in ’free enterprise’ ever carried out was in fact our Revolution – and concur with Mr. Brooks’ conclusion that continuing our legacy of entrepreneurship require a willingness to “gamble the security of the status quo for a chance of future success.”

Not guaranteeing (some think) the ’security (some think) of the status quo’ through overmuch government ’help‘.

My belief in returning to the Founders’ for answers continues to grow. How often have we heard, Go back to the beginning, back where it all started? when looking for evidence of the truth, or to get understanding of an issue? How many answers are found in one’s childhood, one’s infancy? Should this be any different?

Hands down, our Founding Fathers stood stalwartly against government intervention in an individual’s ’pursuits of industry(Brooks), against “equal distribution of goods”, that Robin Hood-like tactic(which prevailed in Europe at the time) of taking from the ‘haves’ to give to the ‘have nots‘. (Skousen, The 5000 Year Leap) Once government is authorized to perform such acts, the dye has been cast, and power has been given away. The rights of the ‘haves’ have been violated. At that point, what is to stop federal leadership from taking ANY person’s ANYTHING? Oh, sure, at first any such actions may be small, infrequent…but escalating manipulation is a real possibility. It is a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Maybe the specifics don’t fit hand-in-glove, but enough similarity exists between the Founders’ concerns voiced in the late 1700’s and today’s proposed and/or legislated financial/health care reform/regulations that I think WE should be concerned, now.


There are probably at least 2 more parts to this, but I’m out of practice, it’s hot & my thinking is getting fuzzy…in fact, I’m pretty sure I’m not saying exactly what I’m trying to!…so I’m leaving off for today….

3 responses to “Ceasing to be a Free Enterprise Nation?

  1. I am agreeing … Polariz-ation is not the enemy.Uncooperative is a wonderful form of Civil disobedience.As an entrepreneur, plus or minus, Mom-to-Pop business proprietor: I sincerely ask "what gamble?"Re: " … when looking for evidence of the truth, …" I recently had a 'Near Truth Experience' [NTE] while posting on FaceBook… but it passed.RE: " … Once government is authorized to perform such acts, the dye has been cast, and power has been given away. The rights of the ‘haves’ have been violated. …"– and haven't the rights of the have-not been forcefully violated, too? I think so.Fruitful expose' mon Cherie, Bubbalin', I have need of your today review and thanks.Recently I have been thinking of the developments that lead up to public rage — what makes our founding fathers rebel and form a more perfect union?What makes militia's lay down there lives in raging warfare against a perceived oppressor.Concentrated Rage can be a result of :1 — Controlling water supplies, or convincing the "people" that the water coming out of the tap is not drinkable.2 — Controlling surpluses with government red tape until stuff rots in containers and goes to waste in warehouses, while have-nots look on in vain3 — Clamping down on financial securities, trying to make the "people" perceive their money is no good4 — Forcing reforms that are ideas from beyond the present time and space and architecture; like socialized medicine in the USA. This is the insurance lobby taking on the AMA lobby… that's all it is but it is ideas that are not yet ripe.Ms Christina, you are not out of practice… you make perfect sense, and I look forward to Thursdays when your column appears — plus or minus.your friend,Patrick

  2. "… what makes our founding fathers rebel and form a more perfect union?"I often think along those lines, esp. lately. Lately, Thomas Jefferson is on my mind alot, Washington is showing up, and Mr. Franklin too…I think it is imperative (for me) to know more deeply what they felt & believed, more specifically. On my way to that…Thanks, Patrick, for a great comment. Re/water supply issue – sort of related (I think) topic – for many years now, I've been concerned about some of the ingredients showing up in labels on shampoo bottles, lotions etc. That stuff gets absorbed through our skin! It conceivably could affect brain & memory function, etc…altho the result would be just the opposite of concentrated rage…Altho the Scriptures say that believers in Christ shall drink any poisoned thing & it wll not harm them, so…I'm goin' with that as my main protection. (Still & all, I choose as much natural as possible.)

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