America Needs Answers

“To the end of his life, Jefferson adhered to the principles which animated the American patriots during the Revolution…”

(Edward Dumbauld, ed., The Political Writings of Thomas Jefferson)

Today, Americans must do the same.

Caught up as most of us are in the daily struggles & pressures of life, the responsibilities that threaten at times to overwhelm…other, broader issues in which we are, nonetheless, involved, often escape our notice. Understandable, for sure. Increasingly, though, such issues are pushing to the forefront, and even otherwise-involved Americans cannot help but notice. Making appearances as slight as a minor headline that we don’t have the time to think about at the moment, to the horrific BP oil spill catastrophe that does not allow us not to think about it! the crises of our day at some point claim our attention.

Any manifestation of trouble, even just inconvenience, is pointing us to an underlying problem. Like the tip of an iceberg. It is to one’s great peril to ignore that ! so…wisdom dictates seeking solutions. For myself, I am entirely convinced that America’s only real hope lies in returning to the counsel of our Founding Fathers, in that seeking of solutions. Theirs are not antiquated, dust-covered words from “back then”. Many of our Founders were educated men, intelligent to the point of brilliant, and often wealthy. They were “men of means”, men who “had security, but…valued liberty more.” (Spirit of America Liberty Quotes) Their words, and their solutions, blood-bought that liberty.

Why would we, today, not once again, HEAR them?


(I’m just getting started…)

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