9/11 Conspiracy?…American Liberty…& Washington’s Spies

UpdateI admit that I acquiesced way too easily to the debunking of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory. I admit that even as I was acquiescing, I knew that…Though the Popular Mechanics article referenced below seemed solid, still, a couple of details didn’t quite seem to mesh. I wanted to, and did, ignore those slightly nagging loose ends. I thought, well, 97% of this makes sense. I’m probably not thinking clearly…surely, I’m no structural engineer…After my last bout with government conspiracy plots, which wrecked me for a couple of weeks! I think that I simply did not want to have to ‘deal with’ another one.

Thing is, instead of feeling sick & overwhelmed, as I had back then – this time, I had the peace that passes all understanding. It was profound and total. Which is why I felt the Lord had led me to this topic.
I feel foolish now, having been so quick to cave.
I didn’t expect to come across a conspiracy-related comment on the CBS.com site a couple days ago. But come across one, I did, and it was too compelling to ignore. I contacted the commenter and acquired more information, links, websites etc. It is with a somber heart that I will embark on this next venture…

“For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested: neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.” (Mark 4:22)

Recently, events both in the world & in my own life have come together in such a way as to put me back on the counter-terrorism trail, so to speak. My previous endeavors in that area left me depleted & weakened, and I wasn’t planning on returning any time soon…but this struggle in our time is not over, and if I intend to try and be aware of God’s voice and His hand, both in the world & in my own life, then I will need to continue to be aware of our war on terror. And, sometimes, write about it.

It makes me angry that those valiant men & women who risked their all, in the years surrounding 1776, so that future generations, and you & I, could live in freedom, may possibly one day realize that we blew it. I say ‘possibly’. It is not, in my mind, a foregone conclusion that America‘s days are numbered. Yes, I know they COULD be, but to the end of my days, as long as I have a ’say’ in the matter, I will continue to hold out hope and believe for the best. I have only just begun to imbibe deeply of the vision and the documents that frame it, and I do not intend to stop. And for the record, in recent times I believe I have heard from the Lord, and He has shown my heart, in specific words, that He does not want America to fail. Can any of you hear that in your spirit, as well?

Washington & Jefferson are becoming more alive for me than ever! And though I have done almost no research…yet…on John Adams, he also is becoming quickened to me, and beginning to appear within my inner ’theater’.


Learning of the potential upcoming construction of an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero (comprehension almost completely eludes me as to how such an event could even be thought of, let alone actually considered) prompted the placing of the link at the top of this page. Searching for an appropriate accompanying picture led me to various other links/articles. Which was how, almost 9 years later, I found myself for the first time exposed to detailed accounts of the 9/11 conspiracy theory.

It isn’t that I hadn’t come across a mentions of some of these theories/suspicions here & there. I had. But only mentions. I always immediately & vehemently discounted them. As I read these articles & comments, however, I began to be pulled in…I believe that anything is possible, and what I might automatically repudiate is probably the thing I should take more time to consider, or investigate.

I want to thank blog author Steve @ Careful Thought for providing me with a link to a Popular Mechanics article refuting each conspiracy claim. At least to my satisfaction…and may I say, I want to thank God for this article and for all the engineers, techs, scientists etc. who contributed to it. I feel as if, whew! I dodged a bullet!


But now my attention has been drawn back to what I would like to not think about. And, for awhile, that was OK…looks like ‘awhile’ is over now…

Looking at so many photographs of the horror of that day and its desolate aftermath left me mourning 9/11 once again. I still cry every time I think about it for more than a few seconds, or speak of it. But those pictures…for her own sake, America must never forget. And I don’t mean this in a stirring-up-vindictiveness way. I’m not even sure how I mean it, but there must remain Americans who do not forget. As a memorial to the many American lives taken away, as Jay Sekulow writes, by brutal and sadistic terrorism, causing thousands of broken hearts and homes and communities…we need to remember. None of those who died in the 9/11 attacks woke up that day knowing their lives would be sacrificed for the American cause, for liberty glorious. We cannot let those sacrifices have been made in vain.


On Monday, July 19, when the Washington Post released its 2-year long investigative report on America’s intelligence agencies, “Top Secret America“, I had already been primed for it. I’m assuming that at least half of the population is thinking some of my same thoughts here, one of which would be, don’t some aspects of this expose’ of US intelligence activities/locations present security risks? Reassurances that they do not, do NOT truly reassure me. And, to what purpose has this investigation been conducted, exactly? Will good come out of it?

I’ve only read the first section so far, but doing so has re-ignited my earlier interests in spymaster extraordinaire George Washington, and the Culper spy ring of Revolutionary War days. So, you know what will be coming up soon on ‘God, History & You…!

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