Didn’t Want to Know This…

Recent days have found me pushing ahead in my beginning investigations of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory.

I think that a person needs to somehow have been prepared before-hand, (whether he/she was aware of that process or not) to assimilate the shock of exposure to such an inquiry. Automatic rejection of what many might consider preposterous…impossible…shields. But if one has been fortified, a drawback can be delayed. It becomes possible to consider what only a couple of months ago would’ve been, for me, unthinkable.

Never, ever did I imagine, when I first conceived of a website that inspired through the lives & accomplishments of others, that I would be writing anything like this. That I would be THINKING anything like this. God knows the end from the beginning, but I surely didn’t. What I can see, however, is how I’ve been prepared, buffeted enough by research into topics hard to hear about, that today I can do this. So far, at least.

Yesterday I wondered if I should forget about it. I can’t even explain how disassociated I’m feeling.

The thing is, many who have been questioning, and steadily, stalwartly almost crusading for truth, are architects, engineers, scientists. Not whack-jobs…and I find as I read, connect with others, and think about this, my conclusion to date is that the horror of our government being the manipulator of September 11, 2001 is a very real possibility.

Odd bits & pieces of alleged information, statements that caused me to wonder for just a second!, that flitted through my mind back then, and in the recent couple years that I’ve been blogging, have re-surfaced. Articles that I’ve happened upon in my Middle East events/foreign policy reading…now I’m re-thinking some of them.

I NEVER wanted to know these things.

I suspect many who read my posts have been waaay ahead of me. The wealth of 9/11 ‘truthers’ staggers. At this point, my thought is, the accusations seem almost needless – what is presented as evidence, if truly that, leaves no other option.

My thoughts on this are running deep…but, as I mentioned earlier, I am just beginning this journey.

Christina, signing out for now…


4 responses to “Didn’t Want to Know This…

  1. Christina,I have a lot of respect for you. However, I want to pull you back here. You have gone down a dark path on this one and I hope I can throw you a rope.I am a Civil Engineer by degree. I have been licensed to practice Engineering in my state, and I have been involved in structural engineering specifically for the last five years. I give you this to let you know I am not trying to pull you back from a political capacity, but from a professional one and a friendly one.Popular Mechanics has done a great job debunking many of the conspiracy theories. You can read some of their comments <a href="http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military/news/1227842:>here</a&gt;. Immediately after the buildings collapsed, the American Society of Civil Engineers also did their own investigation. At the time I read it, but haven't seen a copy in a while. It supported the primary theory of what happened.I have read a lot on 9/11 because I am interested in it. Professionally, the buildings acted better than I would have expected for what happened to them. You can only design a building to take so much, and a direct hit by a loaded commercial airline is difficult to stop.Most of the conspiracy theories I have seen claim that our government either knocked the buildings down or decided to allow those monsters to do it. I have seen no evidence to suggest this occurred. It requires the blackest belief in the human spirit to subscribe to these theories. The danger in giving them any real consideration is that you detract from your ability to respond to those who really did commit this atrocity and you subscribe dark motives to people who had the best of intentions.I hope this helps to throw you a life line in a very dark pool.

  2. This is a dark pool, no doubt, Andy.You are one of a few people whose counsel I would seek, and even allow it to change my course, or position. I know you wouldn't be 'speaking out' here if you didn't strongly believe it was important.I've already read the Popular Mechanics piece, in fact I cited it in a recent post update "9/11 Conspiracy, American Liberty etc". It IS an excellent piece. It almost convinced me to forget about this…project…but so many who are questioning the Twin Towers attack & collapse are engineers and architects, also. That's one reason I decided to keep looking into it.I recognize the dangers here, for me, spiritual, mental & psychological. I believe the Lord is keeping me, and will continue to do so. But to be practical, I've made a deliberate decision NOT to get drowned in this, but to make a point of returning often to my Founders' reading & posting. In fact, I started reading about Nathan Hale just yest., in "Washington's Spies". I figure this way I can keep balanced. (Also, seems I've developed carpal tunnel issues, so I may have to trim time spent online anyway, to rest my wrist…maybe a built-in 'pull-back'?!!)I also realize that a choice to believe that this awful possibility is true will challenge much of my previous position & posting. I almost can't wrap my mind around it. And, as you point out, we want to be able to absolutely focus on the true monsters who did this…not to be duped, distracted by media sleight-of-hand…but evil is devious, and can work through so many avenues, esp. where power & money are concerned.I'll keep in mind what you've said, and am grateful for it.

  3. Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor playerThat struts and frets his hour upon the stageAnd then is heard no more: it is a taleTold by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.Macbeth: Act 5, scenes 1–11 … this play is about conspiracy, yes?

  4. Not up on my Shakespeare, Patrick… Not sure which plays are about what…but I don't see anyone's life as a tale told by an idiot, exactly…Shakespeare here reads like a contemporary of Ecclesiastes! If so be, a 9/11 conspiracy/cover-up is so huge, it far transcends a 'signifying nothing' category. I've seen the word 'treason' used here. Although, if one could know the truth for sure, I wonder, would it make any difference? Can anyone go back & change it? Going forward, who can harness power like that, that may have pulled off such a catastrophe, for purposes of…well, more power?Like I said in my post, thoughts run deep…

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