…relating to Nothing in Particular…

I wish I was focused enough, and alert! enough to write about so much more than I seem able to manage. Jotting down ideas on Post-Its, backs of envelopes & shopping list-type tablets just adds to the ever-expanding morass in my mind! which clutters up my focus! I’m caught between a rock & a hard place, or in a vicious (?) cycle…nonetheless, I keep jottin’ those ideas down. They are EVERYWHERE. Titles of books I want to buy – going back to G,H & Y’s beginnings – having been hastily scribbled on hot pink or lime green mini-Post Its, are everywhere, too. No system. (Plus, I hate lime green!)

(One thing I have learned, though – if you’re going to use Post-Its, you’ve gotta buy the real deal. No generic brands. They NEVER stick. Never. All over the floor and/or lost forever…I mean, who wants to keep bending down & pickin’ ’em up?)
So, as I was saying – capturing a moment of inspiration on a scrap of paper doesn’t guarantee it will ever become a fleshed-out article. Oh, it may! but…so I was thinking of something earlier today, and rather than jot down the idea, I thought I’d tap it out right here, right now. No biggie. No research, no notes.

I have heard that faith, without works, is dead. Now here is a Scripture that can really be distorted, so watch out for the legalist when dealing with it! (Maybe even the legalist that still has a hold on your own mind…or mine…) I remember a preacher saying – or writing?- by way of illustration – that when God told Abraham that he & Sara would conceive a child in their old age, Abraham started building furniture for the nursery…

So you get my point here.

Somewhere between one to three years ago, I decided that I wanted to start selling on eBay. For most people, that would be a simple matter, easily accomplished. But for me, as technologically challenged as I am!/have been…it was an impossibility. But still, though my computer barely moved, one printer after another kept malfunctioning, and a digital camera was financially out of the question – possibly forever, at the rate I’m going – I started collecting small to medium corrugated cardboard boxes (that were headed for the trash baler at work.) And bubble wrap, headed in that same direction. (Got a small mountain of this stuff in my bedroom right now.)

Of course you know where I’m going with this.

By this time tomorrow I will have placed my first listing on eBay.

High five, everybody…

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