Political Parties, Continued…

AS previously mentioned in Part 1, I am intrigued by the concept of a basically 2-party political system. What draws me in in has more to do with covenant, though. Covenant, of course, brings us into the sphere of ’religion’. Specifically, Judeo-Christian. More specifically, Christian. And guess where we end up: right in front of Jesus.

Who would think that Democrats & Republicans would find themselves in this classification? In the daily of political life, I would doubt that such a connection would be at the forefront of the thinking of those so involved…but the more I think about it…the more I consider this dynamic to be in operation. Somehow.

I had not realized that those in Columbus’ time, and later, saw themselves as settlers of a new Promised Land, a New Jerusalem. They came here with a mission from God, they believed. From a purely natural, secular perspective, that sounds ludicrous, doesn’t it? But in retrospect, seeing how America prospered greatly, with such Divine favor, one can see how that mission just might have been a genuine one. I see it as a bringing of the New Covenant into a more manifested state. I believe that God meant to show mankind His covenant with us, in & by Jesus Christ, through the creation of America. I believe that this experiment in freedom, engendered by the shedding of blood, and having been conducted on a universal scale and spanning the centuries, has been a great and bold Model of the new & living Way.

To their forever glory, our Founding Fathers believed that this experiment in freedom called America, was not for America’s sake only – they recognized it as a model, a beacon for the world to see, by which to become enlightened, and of which to partake. Jesus tasted death for every man, and whosoever will may come. His is not an elitist, exclusive club. Anyone may join. Come as you are.

So…is America a message? His message?


Getting back to parties/Covenant…

In essence, a covenant is a binding agreement (bound under penalty of death – hence, the shedding of blood) between two, uh, parties…those parties could be individuals or they could be tribes, nations, or families. But the gist of covenant is the exchange of strengths & weaknesses. Where one side falls short, the other steps up to the plate.

From this root principle spring concepts such as yin & yang, ‘opposites attract’ , even male/female , it would seem.

So I have to wonder how this two-part equation ties in to our 2-party political system. I can’t not consider, is there a parallel? It would seem.

Where my thought processes begin to stumble is at any point of partisan conflict. Covenant provides strength & support, not rivalry and is, by the way, serious business. Keep in mind, covenants are cut in blood, not verbally, not with pen & ink. Your covenant partner can be counted on. The only way out of true covenant is death. (I’m getting ahead of myself here…but I’m trying to get a handle on how/if our 2-party political system has its root in the Spirit, in any way…if it was intended by God for a\slightly different purpose, or function…)

Or perhaps it is fulfilling the very function for which it was intended, despite human flaw & error, pride & greed.

Something to think about…


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