…more Thoughts on the Ground Zero Mosque

In late August of this year, I posted “…but What is our Goal? (concerning the Ground Zero Mosque)”. In that post, I ‘thought out loud’ as regards differing viewpoints on this controversial issue. Knee-jerk reactions of outraged opposition pitted against the possibility of a genuine healing & restoration. Perhaps understanding could foster, ultimately, forgiveness.

Earlier today I participated in a brief ‘Ground Zero mosque’ survey. It forced me to be more definite in my own position. While not wanting to entrench myself in a hostile mindset…and wanting to be open to the mind of the Lord, if I could…I had to choose. I don’t want a mosque built on that particular piece of ground. I think President Obama should comment on the wisdom of such a move, not back away from it, leaving the American people with a sense of void. And I’m undecided on a couple of points, still…

…but taking the survey reminded me that I wanted to add a few more facts to my original article, facts recently learned. Facts which unsettled me.

I was not familiar with the concept of “hudna“. A “hudna” is a temporary peace, lasting up to ten years, entered into by an Islamic force when it is weaker than its enemy. Its purpose is to re-group, re-arm and build its strength for eventual re-attack. Once the ten year mark has passed, the Islamic side is required to resume the war with its enemy.
You realize, of course, that we just passed the nine-year anniversary of that day of national tragedy in New York city – September 11, 2001. But did you know that the date set for the completion and official opening of the Ground Zero mosque is September 11, 2011? Ten years later…

It is entirely possible that Imam Rauf’s motivation in setting that date is to – neutralize? – such precedent by beginning a venture of the very opposite nature. It’s possible. I say this without innuendo or sarcasm. As Daisy Khan has said,
“… it’s a symbol, a platform that will give voice to the silent majority of Muslims who suffer at the hands of extremists. A center will show that Muslims will be part of rebuilding lower Manhattan.” She added that the center would be open to everyone.

Conversely, it has been suggested that the triumphant symbol of a Muslim mosque on ‘conquered territory‘, explains in full the Imam’s rejection of Donald Trump’s offer to buy him out, so to speak. Backing up this much less savory version of intent is the argument that, if Rauf really means for this venture to be a humanitarian one, and if he truly wishes to improve Muslim well-being & standing in the community/area, couldn’t he do a lot along those lines with Trump’s money? That sounds a little crass, I guess… But Donald Trump is the man! and I am imagining the offer was a staggering amount of money. Small businesses, college & scholarship funds, housing needs, etc. could benefit greatly from those proceeds. The rejection of Trump’s proposal could indicate that the symbolism of conquest is more important. A commenter on American Thinker‘, AdinaF, from Israel, affirms the symbolism aspect of Islam as being ‘all-important‘, and in this case, a sign that an even bigger jihad is being planned against the United States of America.


Speaking of symbolism, I have often wondered, why September 11th? Why was that particular date chosen for the 2001 attack? Another ’Thinker’ commenter offers insight on this matter.

“September 11 does have meaning for muslims. That was the day in 1683 when they were stopped in their expansion into Europe at the gates of Vienna. I’m sure it has been a thorn in their side for over 327 years.” – ked5 (see also)


I am not sure how to proceed, at this point.

Much mention is made of moderate Islam vs. extremist Islam. I’ve read repeatedly, and even referenced, that the majority of Muslims are non-violent and not ‘out to get us.’ (Though the ‘violent’ percentage may have increased over the past nine years). Still, it is in the minority, last I heard.

Yet…researching even a little bit into passages from the Qur’an, and Shari’ah law…I’m concerned. If a Muslim by definition is a believer in these two pillars of their ideological world, then, based on what I’ve read, I’m questioning how such a condition as ’moderate Islam’ could even, ultimately, exist.

I will be following-up this post with a Part 2, but ’til then, let me sum up my article with these two paragraphs from a piece by *Kelly O’Connell, in “Winds of Jihad”

The enormous difference between ideas of equality and fairness that separate the Islamic world and the West are so colossal it defies easy explanation. In fact, we must study Islam in pieces to really understand the whole. This matters, because—before long—each big US city will undoubtedly have Muslims similar to Rauf seeking to influence policies and get involved in political life, and put the imprint of Muhammad upon all they touch.”

Unless we understand the grave differences between the two world views, representing not just rules, but also principles and values, we will be at severe disadvantage in defending our ancestral freedoms against incursion of foreign belief. This matters because Islam has always been a missionary religion, propagated by force and invasion. If we don’t understand its virulence and fatalistic determination, and that there is no alternative peaceful view in traditional Islam, great and quick may be our fall.”

* Kelly’s article appears in ‘Canada Free Press’.



3 responses to “…more Thoughts on the Ground Zero Mosque

  1. A number of people have pointed out that if this mosque was really about outreach, the organizers would move it after seeing the outpouring of people who don't want it at this site. Yet they proceed with the ground zero location. I wrote my thoughts on it here. I think there is very little chance that this mosque is being built for peaceful reasons.

  2. Friends, you may know me as the Pat the Flippant; as I am wont to portray myself as Clever. Me, Pat the Jerk, says: Clever is, Clever does.You, who have staid the course, deserve doctorates. I award you Doctor of Parlay degrees today.But that is not the issue. The issue is too painful, even for clever me. It turns 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I begin to cry. I water up and sniffle… My hands ache and my mind is weepy, and my heart is heavy. My neck begins to hurt along with my temples that pound to a hyper heartbeat. One thing leads to another, and soon I am wallowing in sadness…. It goes on for an hour.____There are reports of "other" sites around the USA where Mosques are cropping up… and the populace is taking note… and I simper.Tough words, nor clever crafted slogans, will not suffice. I weep more.Twilight creeps in around me, and I listen for some reminder, some frame of reference: is there no remnant?I see the "great interruption" that follows Muslim fol-de-role and I know that eventually some more will die, or have their lives drastically altered, due to this "Cordoba Initiate." I consider my children and their needs, should we fall prey to Muslim Madness. Plainly, feeling helpless, what can I do? I am no closer to the truth than Ben Franklin who tried to see the future, and probably read Revelation to find guidance… in his interrupted life: trying to get it, to understand what he was embroiled in… Jesus, Revolution, and Us… we too are not unlike Ben in questioning the outcomes, using means that are foreign to us.Yes, you all receive honorary doctorates today, for raising all the right questions. And I get it — I really do._______I close with this anecdote: We have this beautiful arbor vitae bush that I transplanted around 2001. It is then when we moved to Bryan TX and we have lived at this address since. So in its present position the Vitae is a master work.This just past summer, it showed ill… it had bag worms. YIKES !! The worm stage of the bug was "eating the bush." I could not contain my grief… until I decided to look up the life-cycle of the bag worm. And there-in all came clear of how it operates, and how it comes to a dormant state. etc… We had a family meeting.. rallied to get the proper foliage spray… and we were able to "beat back the foe." It will take another dosage in May this year, Lord Willing, and that is how we defeat the woeful invader. PD.

  3. @ Andy – I'm a little late in a reply! But I visited your link, & see that we had many of the same thoughts in our respective GZM posts…I had a comment, but wanted to back it up with a source ref I had read, but I ended up not being able to find it…my plan is to keep looking…@Patrick – your comments have left me humbled, gratified & very sobered by turns. Your friendship over the past couple years is like nothing I've ever experienced. Thank you.I cannot dwell too long on what I've begun to see as a horribly possible change in the American way. (But I am now permanently aware..) It will rob me of today, and also perhaps of the desire & will to fight it. ALWAYS do I seek recourse to our Founding Fathers. Without a vision the people perish – but we HAVE a vision. There are so many Americans who still believe in it, and I almost can't keep up with all the resistance & patriotic websites and blogs out there. (In fact, I can't!)Recent discoveries, for me, Act for America and Revere America)Just yest. I was pondering the path my original blogging has taken me. I never knew that a book abt George Washington, that caught me eye at the library, would lead through to Afghanistan, Gitmo, and terrorism, to beginning to research Shari'ah law. That I would come to recognize powers at work against America that cause, as you have felt, sickness in our hearts & bodies.Satan left Jesus only 'for a season'. I think, he keeps coming back, in one form or another,over centuries, to devour freedom. I don't know how, in what sequence of events exactly, things play out…I will not be fatalistic. Jesus is ALIVE.Am I prepared to die for our freedom? I think about that now. Am I a revolutionary Patriot? Am I ready to die for God's plan for America? Ben Franklin has said, if one isn't willing, he/she doesn't then even deserve freedom.We've read the Book – in the end, we win, because He has triumphed over death, and over powers and principalities.

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