…the Whole of Things…

Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb! Mighty is my God, the King of Israel!

You have heard of the ‘calm before the storm‘. Well, I’ve been wondering, waiting – something was in the wings, I was pretty sure, but – what? And when?

“I still know very little about many, many issues, topics, and people – from our past or in our present. The wholeness of things eludes me.” – I wrote this statement in my last post “Election Day 2010 – Will We Change our Future?” As of today, over the past hour or two, I think I can say that this statement is no longer true. Up ‘til now, recently, I’ve felt that my ‘blogging’ effort was just about exhausted. I wouldn’t say I was giving up, but I wasn’t at all sure that there remained much of a purpose in my continuing to write. The blogosphere is a very socially-oriented environment, and I am socially challenged! Not gonna change any time soon, I don’t think! And so my ‘blogging’ effort reaches very few. Is it really worth the time and work?


I always, eventually, look into my heart. It can’t stop with my mind. The heart pumps the blood, wherein is the life.

What started out, almost 3 years ago, as a very brief post about a shipwreck on the shores of the Potomac generations before 1776, has brought me to the doorstep of Islamic ideology and the attempts of foreigners to impose their law on the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave – our land. I have to believe there was a reason for this. So as I continued, this morning, in my glancing over emails, clicking on links & reading articles, I was brought to another doorstep. One that is leading me back into the past. And the information I’m finding there has begun to fill in the blanks for me, to ’flesh out’ and give more form to things I’ve heard, of which I’ve caught glimpses. But the more clear-cut truth has eluded me.

People know things that I don’t.

I’m not exactly overwhelmed at the moment, but as I absorb this knowledge, I fully expect it to coalesce into a manageable form. At that point, per Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back!”


“In God we live and move and have our being…He is the Greater One…and I know that mortality is swallowed up of Life…so, because of these things, I am not terrified because America is in trouble.” (“Election Day 2010Will We Change our Future?”)

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