Liberty Endangered

“The rights and liberties of free peoples, as expressed in documents such as the United States’ Declaration of Independence, will be completely eradicated if this ideology prevails.” (Brigitte Gabriel, They Must be Stopped)

I’ve been trying to wait until I’d read more…but I can’t. I wanted to at least finish reading the Introduction…but I can’t wait even that long.

Most of you who read this post are probably established in a career and/or family, and/or church, community, etc., with goals either set & being pursued, or already accomplished. Your plans, your lives have taken shape.

Mine has not. Until now…
Though, along the way, it has crossed my mind that what seems like the millions of failed or thwarted efforts at success of ANY kind! may have been deliberate Divine obstruction, I was never able to fully accept that. (Would that I could’ve! Much greater would have been my peace…) When I considered that God may have bound up my life, my talents & my abilities for so long…saving me for a purpose yet to be realized…I believed that could be true but…maybe not. I once read that Jesus was kept hidden in the Father until He reached fullness of power. Then His mission began. There was an appointed time, and a fullness of time. But of course, that was Jesus…not me…could any purpose be so important that my entire life up ‘til now, would’ve been kept on hold for it?

While I don’t know exactly what my part will be in the critical venture ahead, the answer is ’yes’.


“Political correctness has literally paralyzed many in government and created an atmosphere in which fear of being called intolerant or an ‘Islamophobe’ trumps concerns over safeguarding our lives and liberties.” (ibid.)

Brigitte Gabriel is a survivor of Islamic terror, and one of the most sought-after terrorism experts in the world. She witnessed its operations first-hand, growing up in Lebanon and living in a bomb shelter for seven years. Reading only the back cover, inside flaps, and five pages of the Introduction to her book ‘They Must be Stopped – Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It’, my entire being is almost quivering. My focus is heart-pounding, and it is absolute.
How deceived was I, to have almost fully accepted the peace-and-harmony tune being played to Americans by Imam Rauf and his associates – according to Ms. Gabriel, “To gain widespread appeal in America, they cloak themselves in the garb of moderation and take advantage of America’s freedom of religion.” If the shoe fits…and guess what? It does – consider this: “The unbuilt NY mosque has plans for several floors to study how to get Sharia law slowly installed in our country–we have to elect people who are aware of the inflitration…” (comment on ‘Is the State Department Inviting Possible Terrorists into our Schools?’)
The above-mentioned quivering is approaching nausea. But I am not backing down from this. The presence and spreading of radical Islam in America, and the world, “with its central tenet of jihad” is very real. It is deadly serious. Truly, it must be stopped.


As I continue reading ‘They Must be Stopped’, I’ll be posting updates accordingly…

4 responses to “Liberty Endangered

  1. Glad to hear you read it.I caught Ms.Gabriel,while flipping channels one day, on the '700 Club'. I first learned of 'honor killings' then. It was a few years ago, but I never forgot her, or 'Because They Hate'.I want to read that book also, but I've started with 'Stopped'. On pg.20, and even early on, I can't endorse this book enough…the Intro alone will open anyone's eyes. It should be read by any & all concerned Americans.

  2. ClementonCats…I'm reading the post on 'Stop Shouting' right now…it is a long post, so,not done yet – but I am transfixed, and at the same time as my heart is shouting for joy at truth that I KNEW but could not prove, tears are also spilling.

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