Warfare against Powers & Principalities

For we wrestle…against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6: 12)

Of late, I am finding myself having these moments of expanding consciousness – at least, I think that’s what’s happening! Thing is, the same general type of ‘thought’ keeps presenting itself to me. When that happens, I usually conclude that it’s God on the scene. Tapping my shoulder, so to speak…

While much of the Old Testament writings focus in large part (it seems to me),on acts & events, the New Testament eventually zeroes in on motive. Bingo. I am all about the motives behind a thing. Now, motives are invisible, so at this point we need to shift over into that realm. Which is where my thoughts have been headed recently.

And, in fact…not too long ago, I jotted down on a Post-It the question, where do thoughts come from? We think ‘we have’ a thought. Or, do we just recognize it, then decide whether to accept or reject it? Thoughts don’t really initially emanate from us, do they? Initially, they are deposited in us, if we allow that, is more the way I see it.

(This process can get very tricky, time-consuming & exhausting if one over-thinks it! I’m not trying to put all that stress on anyone’s thinking processes, just to introduce a general guideline.)

I’ve just been wondering if one day, I’ll be standing before the Lord as I’m realizing what kinds of tools I had, while on the earth, that I didn’t use, because I didn’t ‘get it‘. I’m pretty sure that, at that time, I’ll also realize how much different things could’ve been, if I had more fully received and acted upon some of those Biblical words & principles that have in the past, (or maybe even just yesterday!) put me off. Or scared me. Maybe brought on the guilts. (I don’t believe that, at this time, the Lord will be shaking His head and wagging a finger at me, because the good news is, that if our hearts condemn us, He is greater than our hearts.) It’s just that truth is truth. There are principles/dynamics that work a certain way and produce certain results.

Now, we humans do not step into our life on this earth knowing about these principles. I don’t believe, in our present condition, we can comprehend the vastness of the big picture. But we are involved in it. That is why we’ve been given not only the Bible but the mind of its Author, if we want that. We can get clues, directions, instructions to point us towards what works. Or to create it.

“…Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” (1 Corinthinthians 2:9) Wow. What does this mean??? Well, the next verse tells us that …God hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit.” (v.10) So from this we can conclude that not everything is obvious – nor visible/audible in the ‘normal’ way. We are enjoined, in the Scriptures, to seek the eternal, not the temporal. I used to dread seeing Scriptures like that. To my mind, that meant forget the fun! What a drag…no stimulating job, no hot guy/girl…no money! Just floating around thinking about God…oh yeah, and being a do-gooder…but more & more, lately, I’m starting to get a very different picture.

It’s all about motives.


But right now, let’s talk about God’s motives, His mindset towards man. Unfortunately, many of us yet perceive a God of demands and judgment, One who must be placated. Coming from that perspective, it naturally follows that we are edgy and perhaps resistant towards Him. Hostile? For sure! In fact, Scripture itself tells us that the ’natural’ man can’t NOT be hostile towards God. (Romans 8:7) But as our minds are spiritually overhauled, we can get a different view of the Lord, and as we grow in grace & the true knowledge of Him, can begin to recognize other aspects of His nature. Somewhere in this process a glimmer of hope flickers. Steadily, it grows, and the God who desires relationship with man appears.

It gets better. He calls us co-workers with Him. (1 Corinthians 3:9) Now, to some of us, that may sound preposterous,or something you definitely don’t want to be doing! But I’m here to tell you, it can be real, and working with God rocks…! In the process, learning His ways and seeing patterns & processes emerge, a person may reach the place I’m in now – where a clearer understanding of “the kingdom of God is within you” emerges as well.


When God gave Moses the detailed instructions for building the Tabernacle, He began with instructions for the interior. He worked from the inside out. I would go so far as to say, this is the Lord’s M.O. In fact, He puts down the opposite method, that external ‘white-washing’ while the interior remains corrupted. (Check out Matthew 23: 25-28. Some succinct words from Jesus for the Pharisees of his day…or ours…)

And, guess what? You can’t really change your own interior, your motives, how you think. But the good news is, you can be changed! God undertakes your re-make! It’s a process, it may not be painless, nor happen overnight. (In fact, you may not have even asked for it!) But how you think is all-important. What you manifest hails from that. The world you help shape, and the lives you can change, are determined by that.


I apologize if I am not making any sense! I feel as if perhaps I’m circling the airport, and not actually landing this plane…but I’m going somewhere with this…and want my preceding words to sink in, take shape. As I continue in my reading of “They Must be Stopped…”, Brigitte Gabriel’s book concerning radical Islam, its origins & purposes etc., my understanding of what has gone before is being blown wide open in a huge way. Beliefs and thinking powerfully, catastrophically orchestrate history. There is a reason that Scripture exhorts us to not be conformed to the image of the world, but rather to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12: 2)

That is, how we think…


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