Forcing Christmas

It used to be different, for me.
It used to be that my ‘Christmas-ing’ activities were focused, concentrated into a month or so of decorating, gift-buying, tree trimming…the usual! I liked that. I miss it. Anymore, and especially this year, it seems like everything is blended together. Between working in the retail field, where signs of the holiday start showing up way too early! and blur the seasons together – and spur of the moment Christmas shopping, etc., when I have the time & energy – it just isn’t anywhere near as satisfying.

Last two years, I wasn’t even able to get my Christmas tree up, the way things went in my life!

So, this year, I was determined – Christmas tree or bust! And, yes, I’m watching its twinkling lights right now…but something’s still missing. I think it’s the absence of focus.

Most people with whom I’ve spoken seem to feel the same way. Between rough personal situations and (in my opinion) economic/national & world events, our focus is shattered. I think many may not realize the impact of years of terrorism awareness, or the threat of the loss of our American liberty being exerted through an administration that, in part at least, surely seems to have Socialist leanings. But, though one may not consciously realize these things, they are felt anyway. I believe there is a threatening spirit leaning upon America, producing fear and dread in many of her citizens.

And, as the logo of Canada Free Press expresses, ‘Because without America, there is no Free World‘, what affects the (so far) Land of the Free affects all peoples, eventually.

Freedom has always been at risk. Right off the bat, you have the serpent slithering around in Eden. In your own lives, haven’t you noticed how, when something good arises, along comes some kind of problem, an obstruction or, yes, threat! to accomplishing or keeping whatever the good thing is? Doesn’t always show up instantly, but often, it does show up!


For myself, I have reached, in a sense, an impasse. I am standing in front of truth from which I cannot back away. I have to face it. I must accept that a possibility exists which, before now, would’ve been unimaginable to me. This is real life. There is danger here.

I had NO IDEA how much of past world history has been forged by Muslim invasions and conquests. I cannot repeat this enough. I have no starch left in me, right now. I’ve been floored. And assimilating this horrible information has neutralized much of my Christmas spirit, because, going forward, I can see that it could happen again. And it could happen here, in America.


But in addition to this, I’ve also gained a much fuller understanding of the ‘Big Picture’. Which is very, very helpful! Biblical knowledge meshes with history, and voila! My understanding of the invisible forces behind the visible is only confirmed, once again! My trust & belief in the Scriptures is solidified and, yes, confirmed once again! And, as is His way, once again the Savior brings Life out of death.


At this point in time, America is still a free country. This year, though purse strings have been tightened for most, we still have the freedoms we’ve known, and can still celebrate Christmas, if we want to, in the manner we’d like. That right there is alot to be thankful for, and for which to rejoice & be glad. This unprecedented, glorious experiment in democracy, this government by the people is unlike ANY other, in all of known history. We may be living in its demise, but it isn’t done yet…there’s still time. We are still a free nation.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been forcing Christmas this year…because I think that Christmas exists, as hope in our heart. Jesus Christ is called ’the hope of glory’ in us who believe. It’s an inner thing! On the football field, isn’t there that “Push ’em back, push ’em back, waaaay back!” chant? Well, I’ve been pushin’ it out! Push it out, push it out…waaaay out! We’re told to work out our own salvation, in fear and trembling, because it is God who is at work in us, so…kind of fits this analogy, I think. I don’t want to give up, not really. And though I’m writing about Christmas celebrations here, much more than that is at stake.


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