Gabrielle Giffords is Making Us Think…

I was online when the news of the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords reached me. An email alert erroneously informed me of her death. Before that instant, I had never heard of Congresswoman Giffords. Yet I reacted to her ‘death’ as if she had been one of the most important people in my life. Or perhaps I should say, the life of America.

Some of you who read & study the Scriptures will be familiar with the expression of the veil being rent in two….so it was in my spirit, at that moment. There was in inner rending such as I have never experienced in my whole life. Or maybe it was something else…maybe my heart was breaking. Because the violence being perpetrated against her, and those with her, was a manifestation of what has been going on in America, in these troubled times. It was an end result of the forces that have been swirling around, and through, all of us. And while this attack may not have been planned and launched by a ’terrorist’ per se, I wonder if the underlying motivations, at root, are really all that different.


Gabrielle Giffords is a sacrificial lamb.

Gabrielle was doing what needs to be ’being done‘ in our country, now more than ever. She was bringing government back out to the streets, to the people. I read that, on that particular morning, she was hosting the first ‘Congress on Your Corner’ meeting. My God, just typing that phrase has tears filling my eyes. ‘Congress on Your Corner.’ How very wonderful is that! And I’m certainly not saying that other members of our House and Senate don’t meet with their constituents. But, uh, gathering in front of a local grocery store to discuss the concerns of the people really feels good to me. It feels different.

Congresswoman Giffords was making a statement.

And she was shot. Her right to exercise freedom of speech was brutally squelched.

Six others with her were killed. Thirteen, I think, were wounded. .In other words, those associated with her also paid a price. (One of them has since gone on to threaten a Tea Party member??? and has been jailed……this guy escaped with his life that day, then turns on another – I can‘t even finish this thought, my mind is so garbled up over it…)

Call me crazy, but Jesus was crucified for what He said, what He taught. And those associated with him were and still are, jailed, persecuted and killed, as well. Seein’ any similarities here? (And while we’re on the subject of similarities, as I wept upon learning of this atrocity, impressions of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy washed over me. The spirit of liberty and equality shows up and speaks out. In every age, it takes great risk.)

As a result of this shooting, these murders, the issues of political rhetoric and gun control have both been placed in the spotlight. As has the issue of the shooter’s motives and mental state.

Due to computer breakdown, I’ve been on a forced journalistic & mental hiatus. And I realize I’m a running a bit late with any comment on this event. Therefore, though not done with the topic, I’ve posted Part 1…anxious to get going again with my writing. Later today, I’ll be putting together some more thoughts on this, my own as well as solid insight from David Brooks of the WSJ and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

2 responses to “Gabrielle Giffords is Making Us Think…

  1. Hi CG:I just read the piece you LINK'd on the Ft Hood attack, "Hole in the Strategy" and its opinion of jihaad in the WORLD … as not restricted to MidEast but Texas as well… and it parallels this event that by now has reached every ear in the WORLD, … it is shocking.the amoeba who did the shootings is insane … so the outcome will be an exercise in futility. The Congresswoman has just been moved to a rehab center in Houston… and it seems everyone in the nation is aware of it. Your testament here expresses my sentiment as if you had my heart in your hands as you typed…

  2. Good to read your comments, MPW…you had been crossing my mind earlier today, as I was working on a follow-up piece to this post! Which I just finished.I must re-read the Ft. Hood article. I absolutely remember the gist of it, but hadn't made the connectiion to Jared Loughner in a very clear way, more of a general sensing. Thanks for this…

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