…the Axe to the Root…

These days, I find that so much of my reading revolves around Islamic ideology, Muslim history and other such topics. This isn’t just a casual interest. It may have started out as that, but the more I have learned, the less casual it has become. It is a, and my, growing concern that an unchecked Islamic ideology, allowed to gain increasing ground – both legally and physically – is perhaps THE most dangerous threat to American liberty today.

However, rather than approach this subject from one of the many, many fronts it presents to us, I’m going back in time to look for a place of beginning. The axe needs to be laid to the root of the tree.

In the fifteenth chapter of Genesis, the issue of Abraham’s childlessness came up in a conversation with the LORD. God had just told Abram that He was Abram’s ‘exceeding great reward’. I guess Abram was wondering exactly how that was going to pan out! because he asked the LORD, essentially, what are You going to give me then? (v.2)  Abram was concerned because, at that point, being childless, his heir would be a steward of his house, not his own son. It looked as if there would be no posterity, no lineage going forward for Abram.

God had other plans. Not only did He tell Abram that ‘…he that shall come forth out of thine own bowels shall be thine heir’, but that those yet to be born as a result of the birth of his own son would be as great in number as the stars of heaven – if they could actually be numbered! (v.4,5)  Now that was some promise!

Scripture tells us that Abram ‘believed in the LORD’. (v.6)  But apparently not enough! Many of us know the story: Abram & his wife Sarai decided to try to move things along, since Sarai remained barren. At her suggestion – “…go in unto my maid; it may be that I may obtain children by her” (Genesis 16:2), Abram boogied on into the maid Hagar’s tent, and, voila! we got Ishmael.  NOT the child of promise is the point here. This child was produced through human planning & effort.

Because none of us is ‘perfect’ in our own right, it might be understood how Abram & Sarai undertook to usher in God’s promise. Maybe they weren’t sure what to do or what not to do. I haven’t seen any specific instruction or prohibition from the LORD to them, up to this point. So, at age 86, Abram fathered the child Ishmael by his wife’s maid Hagar.

(As you might imagine, there was trouble in the henhouse, once Hagar conceived. She herself got ‘uppity’ (Gen.16:4), Sarai seems to be blaming Abram for this (v.5), (even though the manipulated mating was her idea), and Hagar (who may not have even had a choice in the matter!) ends up fleeing into the wilderness to escape the harsh treatment of her mistress.)


Fast forward:

Abram is now 99 years old. The LORD arrives for a chat. During this chat, major issues are introduced & clarified, and promises made. One of these promises – “Sarah thy wife (who was about 89, and for whom ‘it ceased to be…after the manner of women’ {Gen.18:11}) shall bear thee a son indeed…” (Genesis 17:19)  Now that is clear! No handmaidens, no surrogates! Sarah your wife!  Another issue made very clear at this time: “…as for Ishmael…I have blessed him…will make him fruitful…will multiply him exceedingly…BUT (caps mine) my covenant will I establish with Isaac.” (Gen.17:20,21)

The Covenant only comes through the promise of God. You cannot usher it in yourself.



…more to come…

2 responses to “…the Axe to the Root…

  1. I never would have fallen for that surrogate Hagar thing.. too risky. As usual, the matriarch is trying to ease her man's pain, comes up with an apple of an idea, the man just barges forward, like a mullet-headed wonk — then these senior citizens are mollified?I propose that the scheme is just original sin all over again. A repeat of a popular plot … Rationalizing like this is sickening to me, ever since I was but a wee boy, say eleven, when I first heard this story … maybe heard it before but until the age of reason I didn't have a reaction.Look today at patriarchs, like Rupert Murdoch and his Chinese wife… Mavis Dingi [or something] and the trail of LINKS this sets up to yet another Liberty crashing religion of Red China … what ever that is. In a bad way it is the Ab\Hagar thing all over again… I think the bigger picture is that this is fifty years later, and the stuff in the Med-east is just a deception for the real Mega death to America from the Orient.Hey, I did my damage to the population, and laid down my life for the many we were blessed with, still do. But every step of the way I have asked "How can I be of use? I am a reluctant authoritarian … I don't just want to be a patriarch." "Can I build low income housing, design churches, build schools…?"The answer has always been: "You can raise your brood and pay taxes, oh, Grasshopper."And that is what I do — pay taxes — and fees and sales tax, and green\red\yellow\black taxes and would pay my friends' taxes if I could.Cannot wait to see where you are taking us in this one … Ab\Sarai\Hagar is one of the most modern plot stalls explaining how it is in our immediate situation, I think. Good call, Madam.

  2. Wow, I have so many responses to your great comments! Where, oh where to begin? Never would've made the connection to the Adam & Eve thing, but now that you point it out, it seems so obvious…like, DUHHH…I've been letting this particular post topic 'brew' for awhile. Not necessarily thinking about it per se, but not rushing the actual writing part. I really don't want to rush it, and miss anything. The whole matriarch thing repels me. I once worked in a family-owned business. Even though the 'matriarch' had just passed, right before I was hired, I remember realizing that the family almost 'worshipped' her in abstentia. Like a false god(ess)…You mention your life of raising a (big) family, wanting to do more. Funny, but just recently, for some reason, a piece David posted on FAST crossed my mind, abt the Everyman who does just that, and that these men are the heroes…. but I, too, am always thinking about doing something else…something that will endure & change lives…Good-bye for now, Grasshoppah!

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