…Day by Day…

Now that I’m adjusting to the idea of being on WordPress, and pretty much having left Blogger in the past, I find that I’ve become unfocused. Mentally relaxed, I guess. Going forward – well, I’m not! I’m standing still, assessing my inner landscape, and questioning. I’m questioning just about every topic idea that presents itself to me. Just because I get thoughts & impressions, and draw conclusions, doesn’t mean I should put it ‘out there’.  Or should I?

Leaving Blogger in the past, as I’ve said, equates itself with leaving just about every blogging connection/tie with it, including most of my traffic. Oddly, that doesn’t matter. It seems 3+ years of duking it out in my particular corner of cyber-world seems to have strengthened me, changed my priorities. My only priority now is content. Lost readership, low traffic, lack of response – whatever you might call it – aren’t issues for me anymore. Right here, right now, my only call is to look into my heart and seek in the Spirit, and try to follow what I find there. Everything else springs from that.


Sooo…knowing this, I still haven’t decided on a subject for my next post. Yet I really want to write about – something!!!


Hurricane damage

I live on the East Coast. In recent weeks, I’ve experienced earthquake tremors and hurricane lashings. For the first time in my life, the floor beneath my feet shook, and lamps swung from the ceiling. Also for the first time in my life, though hurricanes have approached my area before, I’ve feared that this one might do much more than just approach. Though I didn’t panic, I did take practical precautions. Though I didn’t sense in a clear way any warning from the Lord, for me, I wasn’t completely sure.  Even after Hurricane Irene passed, and without damage to my or my neighbors’ homes, I could not fully ‘exhale’ for about 2 more days.

Jesus spoke of not letting the thorns & thistles of life in this world choke out His Word of Life. That is a real challenge, I think.  It was really hard for me, the day or two before Irene, to have faith to pray for safety from/in the storm. I would go so far as to say,at one point, I had none. None. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so…flat, spiritually. The overwhelmingly threatening nature of such an event both requires faith to perhaps escape it, and can render faith almost inoperable as well.

Almost inoperable.

Days later, and breathing fully once again, I find I seem to have changed. The above two events, combined with other ‘thorns & thistles’ of financial/ health situations that have been running around in a vicious circle! have me stymied. I tend to be a serious person anyway, but right now – very little is, in any way, funny. You may have heard the expression, ‘Pause for the cause’ – well, I’m definitely pausing.

We’ll see where things go from here…day by day…



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