Heading Towards 2012…but Looking Back

Election 2012 approaches.  Candidates for the Presidential nomination are swinging into gear, ramping things up.  As I begin to consider the  nominee hopefuls, and ponder those not yet announced as such, I also wonder about Barack Obama.  I wonder how wrong or right I’ve been in my estimations of him, which have remained fairly constant all along.  I’m not wondering because I’m even mildly considering voting for this incumbent President in 2012. I’m just wondering…

The glitch for me is this:  it is hard to accept that the indications & red flags I believe I’ve seen are what they appear to be.  There has been a hump over which I had not fully and irrevocably climbed.  I have had occasional doubts.  My thinking had been: After all, I can not possibly have enough information.  Who could?  How does one gather & sift through enough true, relevant facts?  No matter how much I read, how much I learn, there would always be that which I don’t even know exists.  Or that which is suppressed, hidden, inaccurate or outright false.  And just when I’m crystal clear on a specific aspect, I find another piece of information equally compelling & convincing – of an opposite view!

Yet, if personal history provides any kind of yardstick, so often, in retrospect, I’ve seen that I was on the right track.  And it appears that my ‘in retrospect’ moment has finally arrived, because I am no longer on the fence, not even a little bit.


Back when Barack Obama was campaigning, and I began hearing names & labels like Bill Ayers, socialism and the like, it seemed vague,  surreal.  I didn’t know who Ayers was, and at the time, I didn’t investigate that issue.  Since then I have.  Even taking into account the ardent ‘idealism’ possible in one’s youth (which often translates into being deceived), it stuns me that anyone with any ties to a Bill Ayers-type persona made it anywhere NEAR the White House.  What is wrong with the American system, that such a thing could have happened?

The answer to that question?  What allowed such an event to transpire is, in fact, what is right with America.  We are a nation of free people!  We have Constitutional rights & guarantees.  Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of choice.  Another way of explaining it, echoing a Jesus principle, is that the wheat & the tares grow up together.  The good, the bad, and the ugly…at least this is how I see it…and the very nature of freedom allows for that which would invade, restrain, pollute and, if possible, remove it.  (The perfect example of this is seen in how certain Islamic organizations & individuals attempt to use our own Constitutional rights and our own guaranteed liberties against us, in the pursuits of their own insidious agendas – none of which bode well for Americans.)

In recent days, I’ve been backtracking, doing ‘homework’ I should’ve done long before now.  Researching  among other things “Dreams from My Father” and“The Roots of Obama’s Rage”.  When I’d first heard mention made of “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, I remember thinking that Barack Obama did not seem enraged to me.  I couldn’t make a connection here, which may be why I dismissed further investigation.  I realize that deeply buried emotions can manifest themselves through an over-compensation of an opposite behavior.  Perhaps then Senator Obama was in fact so apparently well-spoken & charismatic because of such a dynamic.  Other than this possibility-which may still show itself – we have yet to see this rage.  In fact, it has been reported that those who’ve known Barack Obama personally have pointed out the contradiction of the ‘enraged’ Obama as portrayed in Dreams from My Father, and the actual Obama they know.

 So…short-handing it, I haven’t read either Roots or Dreams, but based on the analyses of others  it looks like much of the Barack Obama shown in Dreams from My Father was a creation of former terrorist Bill Ayers.  Meaning,  Ayers likely co-authored much of this book with Obama.  Granted, Ayers seems to have had fertile soil in which to plant & cultivate seeds of his own anger and anti-colonialism, but…Translation?  These dreams weren’t passed on to our current President so much from his father as from a terrorist.  Author Jack Cashill of the above-linked articles indicates  “…a persona in the making that Ayers had himself helped forge.”

This is not a good thing.


My journey is taking me far off my usual beaten path, travelling back into 2008-2010 archived reports, posts, etc., on various topics.   I am not finding anything  to dissuade me from my ever-growing distrust of the man who sits in the Oval Office.  The preponderance of ‘evidence’  (at some point I have to decide if I believe it is in fact that) leans heavily the wrong way.  My heart cries out to Jesus, and beseeches God the Father, in His name, to let this man’s remaining days in office see an expiration date of January,  2013.


Time constraints require that I sign off for now, leaving a chunk or two yet to be written.  Hopefully, next time…


6 responses to “Heading Towards 2012…but Looking Back

  1. There are many who feel the same uneasiness you do Christina. One of them is me. The highly choreographed appearances by him and his wife almost lulled me into thinking he was a family man and with that he would make righteous decisions for the country as well as his family. As many families do, especially during times of uncertainty, they are basically going to the mattresses, sealing themselves off. Much like dictators do around the Third World.

    The distrust I feel is spilling over into the political arena in general and making me skeptical and negative about most of what I hear from the establishment.

    It is always refreshing to get your insightful take on situations. We are obligated as free Americans to be vigilant this time around and show no complacency in our choices. Stay frosty, yours in Christ, Dave

    • “Stay frosty…” I love it!!

      All we need to look for is truth. Not so easy, right?!! I continually practice trying to discern, esp. @work. It is a real challenge! That alive & quickened double-edged sword divides asunder the bone & marrow, soul & spirit. I think one of the most deceitful & dangerous areas of life, as far as seeking truth, is the soul, soulish activity, etc. Drama, sensationalism, ,accusations, enthusiasm…tricky to sort out the real deal here…and the political arena is rife with the stuff!! Clamor attempts to distract us from the truth. I’m skeptical of ALOT…when I forget to be skeptical, I often regret that.

      Good to see you stopping by, DD

  2. You may want to read this sometime:

    “Obama Will Leave the White House”


    I do get prophetic dreams from the Lord. Back in August of 2000, I had a dream where I was with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and we were all smiling. After that dream, I knew that George W. Bush would be President.

    I have had a few dreams about Mitt Romney. I believe Mitt Romney will be elected President in 2012.

    • Tim, I got your comment last night, too late to check out your post. Heading there in a bit, tonight.
      You had shared with me, awhile back, abt one of your prophetic dreams re/Mitt Romney. I’ve thought about that several times lately.

  3. Christina: I really don’t care for Ralph Nader, but I thought you would like to see this:

    Ralph Nader on Barack Obama

    “Presidential candidate Ralph Nader at the University of Montana on October 24 [2008] blasted the dominance of the two party system and lambasted Barack Obama’s political ascension: ‘Don’t be beguiled by what is likely to be the most successful political con game in the history of modern American politics, which is Barack Obama’s political campaign. Do not be beguiled. He has no priorities toward the 100 million lowest paid Americans, made up of poor whites, Latinos, and African-Americans. He’s a flip-flopper when it comes to avoiding corporate power; he’s done it again and again. He flipped on offshore drilling. He flipped on spying on Americans without judicial warrants, which is really an outrage given that he was constitutional law ledger at the University of Chicago. He’s the poster boy for the Military-Industrial-Complex, and he has bent the power in order to mimic McCain.’”

    –Clark Fork Journal
    Hamilton, Montana
    November 2008

    “I saw this article at a convenience store in Lolo, Montana while I was hitchhiking through town on U.S. 93 and U.S. 12 (10 November 2008). I thought it was very interesting.”


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