Serpent in the Arab Spring?

Have the Islamists won after all?

I accuse myself of being a Pollyanna.  Call it faith, hope, or positive thinking, but sometimes I still wonder if I’m just an ostrich with my head buried in the sand.  I hear the suggestions, predictions & innuendos, but I don’t let them penetrate.  Forging (or floundering!) blindly ahead, I walk smack into that proverbial brick wall.  They told me it was there, but I barely considered that it might really be there.  On the other hand, “Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, as my messenger…as the Lord’s servant?”  (Isaiah 42: 19)

We were warned. Many suggested that the Arab uprisings for freedom may really be the result of seeds carefully sown by Islamic radicals, a power ploy.  ‘Once governments are destabilized, then toppled, we’ll move in for the kill’ – that kind of scheme…well, that made sense.  After all, we are talking about the Middle East.  Yet, though such manipulations may very well have taken place,  they could just as well have been part of the tool God used to bring about such regime-shaking revolution.  He intervenes in the affairs of men.  To everything there is a time and season…

So, for a brief while we were in limbo.  Who started all this?  With what motives?  Exactly who are the players?  Then, there is an accusation that the United States was involved in stirring up the dissension, planning to remain stand-offish, let chaos ensue and then, let radicals rule.  I forget what our purpose for supposedly pulling all this off is.  (I read this accusation in a comment on a site I don’t usually visit, and I haven’t been able to figure out which one it was.)  It is true that the United States did not rush in, boots-on-the-ground with a long-term strategy!  but my understanding was/is that Iraq and AfPak were enough already…

Libyan rebels

A Washington Times editorial advocating more active U.S. involvement in Libya, points to the damaging potential of a ‘U.S. leadership vacuum’, and states that the Obama administration has ‘subtly promoted’ the rise of Islamist parties there by not supporting the more pro-Western ones. This analysis certainly seems to partially mirror the above accusation.  Whatever the reason for a lesser American presence in regards to today’s Libya, that void does allow for another presence to occupy.  “The working assumption should be that every faction will seek opportunities to expand their power and increase their influence over whatever system emerges.” concludes the Times editorial.  In this scenario, the “the Islamists will play to win.”  Though I myself have read previous rebuttals to such intent, downplaying ambitions & plans, specifically Muslim Brotherhood-related, my skepticism has remained. The rebuttals seemed too white-washed. “Islamists are more than willing to dupe credulous westerners by telling them what they are eager to hear”, advises the Times,and Raymond Ibrahim, Islam specialist, writer for Jihad Watch and on his own site ‘pundicity’, adds

Raymond Ibrahim

“…conniving Islamists who spoon-feed the world what it wants to hear.”  

Ibrahim posits that we Westerners are being duped by the use of the “d” word – democracy – paired up with the Arab rebels, and assume it means to them what it means to us.  Well, to some of them, it does.  They, the liberals & secularists, are the ones who are concerned  about an Islamist, shariah law-producing takeover in these Middle Eastern countries that are supposedly being liberated.  And now that the Tunisian elections have produced an Islamist winning party…well…are we seeing the handwriting on the wall?  Tunisia, as it turns out, is the country least likely to have been influenced by Islamist parties, so, if they took the plunge…some predict that is evidence of “…the victory of Islamists in future elections in Egypt and Libya.”

There is an abundance of related material all over the net.  I could read nothing else but that, and end up with eyestrain every day.  Enough…I am sufficiently convinced that the Arab uprisings sparked, then fueled by long-denied personal liberty, dignity & freedom of choice (and whatever other propellants may have been present) is very much in danger of an Islamic hijacking. Eden was not without its serpent.  And though God created the Eden into which that reptile slithered, point is, He allowed it access.  We should not be surprised that it shows up in other potential Edens.

So where do we go from here?

Deep and fervent prayer should be the first step.  Much is at stake.


“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

James 5:16



5 responses to “Serpent in the Arab Spring?

  1. Christina: I do not believe that you are a Pollyanna; I believe that you have faith in God and that you see the hand of God in history–especially concerning the Arab Spring.

    For every weapon, there is a counter weapon.

    Whenever the Lord does a powerful work in the earth, Satan comes along and tries to screw it up or counterfeit it. Look at the American Revolution (1775-1783) which birthed the greatest nation on the planet–the United States. Soon after, you have the bloody French Revolution (began in 1789–I am not sure when it ended–when Napoleon came into power or when Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo in 1815). I think of the American Revolution as a Christian revolution and the French Revolution as a Satanic revolution.

    So now we have the Arab Spring. I still believe that the Arab Spring is a powerful move of the Lord in Arab/Muslim countries. Let us keep interceding and believing that the Lord will continue to do a great work in Egypt and elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East.

    People who are born into slavery (Islamo-Fascisim), know that they are enslaved and they yearn to be free just like those who are born free (or born-again free).

    “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

    • …so I guess I’ll hang up my Pollyanna hat !

      I often think of Herod’s assault on the newborns as an example of satanic reaction to a move of God.

      Yes, interceding & believing. Absolutely. Amen.

  2. Christina: Just thought I would let you know that I republished your post “the Arab Spring, ancient Egypt, & Jesus” on my blog a while back. I have gotten a lot of pageviews on this post–probably because it is important and the Lord wants people to read it.

    “the Arab Spring, ancient Egypt, & Jesus”

    You may also want to read this:

    “A Dream About Egypt”

    • I did realize you put my post on your site, my WP stat counter showed referrals from there to here…good to know it’s getting views. And visits to my site also!

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