“…he that is greatest among you…”

A number of topics are contending for my attention here at ‘Jesus, the Revolution & You’.  Swatches of posts already written linger in my mind, and are prodding me to write more! write more!  But those particular posts & topics are not ones to be taken lightly.  I can’t dash off a quick article.  And extra hours at work have drained my energy, so I’m not up to the task of sustained, focused output right now.  (Plus, Christmas is coming!)  I decided, however, to at least begin sorting through the piles & sheaves of article print-outs, books, etc. scattered about my ‘writing area’, and hopefully find a starting point.


Revolutionary War interests-turned-passion eventually led me into American government & politics.  How could it not?  But to truly be able to help in our present, I believe we need to venture back into the past.  I believe that a broader overview of not just the pre- and post-Revolutionary world, but also world history, can only enhance one’s perception & understanding of the nature of man’s desires, his struggles & efforts to achieve them, and the outcome of those efforts. Granted, it gets complicated! but it seems like wisdom to me.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  (Proverbs 29: 18)


…so in the interests of my own increased understanding, I’ve continued in my Islamic research, and there are no plans to stop doing that.  Looking through my papers today, I found myself re-reading more carefully about how the split between the Sunni and the Shia Muslims began.  For a little while now, I’ve been gathering information on the ‘moderate Muslim’, and some surprising information at that.  I was reminded of the Libyan rebel concerns, voiced in September, of Islamist takeover (which seems to be happening) and, of course, always at play in these scenarios, in the background or the forefront, we have the Muslim Brotherhood.  Despite all the bad press they receive – I’m not saying it isn’t warranted – I want to look into it more myself.

I’m still not fully convinced that certain elements of our government were not, in some way, involved in September 11, 2001.  I never finished reading a lengthy report I have on the collapse of Tower 7.  But what I did read made sense, even to a non-engineer such as myself.  Like I said…not convinced.  And I haven’t even scratched the surface of secret societies and the international banking cartel.

May I say…Sheesh!  What a potpourri!

Ultimately, it’s all connected.  When you work backwards, and arrive in the Garden (you know the one – the serpent? Eve? an apple? {some say}), then go forward from there, we’ll find it all ties together.  I remain convinced that the real battle, the eternal battle, manifesting itself in so many ways, is between Old Testament Law in any & all of its forms, and the grace of God in Jesus Christ.



.. but where I’ve ended up today, specifically, concerns Barack Obama.

In recent political roundtables & maybe candidate debates, I’ve heard mentions made that after three years as President, many people still do not know for what Obama stands.  Who he really is. “…people in this country don’t think that this president’s real anymore.  He’s not genuine anymore,” states WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan.  This seems to be a legitimate cause for some concern.  Has such a statement ever been made about any other American president? Although I don’t know for sure, I doubt it.  A reason has been suggested as to why Obama remains to some extent undefined in the public eye, but I’m getting ahead of myself…

“… do you know what Obama stands for, where he would take us? I don’t know.”   These are the words of Chris Matthews, host of  the Sunday morning political roundtable bearing his name.   Two of his guests on this particular recent program, which aired on October 30,  voiced similar sentiments.  Ms. Katty Kay (BBC Anchor, “BBC World News America”): “ …it’s been one of the questions about this presidency, what’s the narrative of this presidency, what’s the kind of aim of this president.”  And John Heilemann  (New York Magazine) adds: “…but there’s also the sense that he’s been kind of static through these three years.”   ” As a state senator he studiously avoided voting on issues that might alienate  supporters; he ran for president as a blank slate, and that vagueness worked out  very well indeed.”  writes Liz Peek, FOX News columnist, in her June, 2011 opinion piece ” As 2012 Approaches, We Still Don’t Know What Obama Stands For .”  And actually, the statement that got me thinking about all this was made by someone I can’t quite place, speaking on which program I can’t quite remember.  I have tried repeatedly to backtrack transcripts, and have ended up with eyestrain but  no source information.  (So I’m givin’ up on that one.)

I remember hearing about President Obama’s tendency to see this side and that side of a situation, to examine it from opposing perspectives.  A calm, rational analysis.  This characteristic was presented in a positive light, and it seems to me that it should be presented in that light. Up to a point.  Has he too many times lingered in the Land of Not Being Clear Enough too long?  I myself will never forget, that when the news of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque went viral, and the American citizenry was appalled, shocked, angry and upset, this man refused any comment or opinion other than that he didn’t think it was wisdom to comment at that  time.  Maybe he did make other public comments later…but I never heard them.  Except for his eventual statements referencing freedom of religion, I am not familiar with any initial response, other than what I just mentioned.  How could the President of the United States of America not have a stronger reaction to such a proposal?  Even a little bit more reaction, showing whose side he was on!  Maybe in the years to come, in hindsight I’ll see that it was wisdom.  Not there yet…nowhere near it.


Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, paints a  picture of Barack Obama as a divider.     “…now he’s going out around America…as the great divider… He wants to turn this country into the divided States of America.  That is the Obama strategy.” (Meet the Press)   

Others have made similar observations. 

“These are tough times…too many Americans are hurting today…hardships have reopened our long-standing national debate over what it means to be an exceptional nation.”  Rep. Paul Ryan, in a lecture given recently at the Heritage Foundation, made this statement during his discussion of the American Idea  vs. the politics of division. This discussion pits divisive political practices against a “constant striving to live up to our Founding principles.” His reasoning revolves around President Obama, and points us to class warfare and driving wedges.  In other words, a divider.

“People are increasingly fearing the divisions within, even the potential coming apart of, our country”, writes Peggy Noonan, columnist for the Wall Street Journal. (When even I have listened to neighbors & co-workers speak of possible rebellion and street riots, then you know that such a statement is not groundless.)  She attributes this fear to “… a sense now that the glue that held us together for more than two centuries has thinned and cracked with age.”  Part of how Ms. Noonan defines this glue involves leaders & citizenry whose love for this country springs from knowing our roots, knowing that our beginnings, our foundations and in fact our continuing existence was and is unique among all nations throughout all time.  Knowing ” …that there was something providential in our beginnings”, and being grateful for that.   What she describes sounds like American exceptionalism to me!  And a divider would not consistently endorse nor promote that concept.

Those who divide – and most of us know people who do or have – are not interested in a whole, healthy organism.  They in fact want to weaken it.  They use fear and/or envy to sow discontent and cause separations, and they do this to further their own cause.  Rep. Ryan also points out that  “…many in Washington use the politics of division to evade responsibility for their failures…”  In my daily life, I am required to interact with an individual who operates within such a method, and I can guarantee you that such behavior first appears disguised in a winning charm.  It takes time before those who finally recognize the nature of the beast, do so.  Damage is done, many are influenced without ever realizing it while strings are constantly being pulled behind the scenes.  The shape and content of the whole has been altered considerably because of one individual ego.

“In Obama’s case, he is trying to redefine America’s existence.”  (Pajamas Media)


Earlier I had mentioned a possible reason for President Obama’s being, to some extent, ‘ undefined in the public eye’ after almost three years in office.  Why remain ambiguous?  Is there a hidden surprise here?  “This is a man who wrote not one but two autobiographies and remains an enigma”, writes Leon de Winter, in the above referenced Pajamas Media article.  But Mr. de Winter has come to a conclusion that exposes this enigma.  He believes that what Obama seeks to accomplish during his time in Washington, he intends to reproduce on a grand and universal scale.  Washington is only a stepping stone.  It is not really about America, it is about ambition.  Global ambition.

The following excerpt from this article may explain everything:

But he has to walk a fine line: he can neither ruin America nor restore America’s full power and prosperity. He seems to dream of an American sort of European Union — safe, pleasant, but also powerless, lacking the passionate soul of a true nation, slowly fading out with graying populations in unbearably costly welfare states, depending ever more on non-Western immigrants steadily changing our cultural fabric

In order to save the world from devastating global warming and climate change — and, indeed, all fatal consequences of capitalism — the restless progressives in the world are uniting. Obama is well prepared to position himself as their prophet — or messiah.

Internationalism, global governance, America the evil — these are ideas Obama has absorbed for year after year. As a smart, suave man, he knew exactly what he was doing when he started to climb the ladder. Capitalizing — if I may use the word — on his luck, Obama had the intuition to pick capable operators for his campaigning and policymaking teams.

His conservative critics dramatically underestimate him. Obama knows precisely what kind of America he envisions. He wants to mold a certain type of America in order to mold a certain type of global governance. For that, he needs another term to reach his goal.”


“…if he is given a second term, the whirlwind will be reaped”, warns Barry Rubin in Rubin Reports, and that ominous sentiment is echoed by business magnate but even more so, patriotic American Donald Trump. An Obama second term, he said on NewsMax.TV,  would be “devastating for the United States as we know it,” adding that the United States  would find it “very hard to ever recover.”


I wish I did not, but I completely agree.  I no longer watch Obama on televised appearances, nor listen to his speeches.  I feel his words are hollow.  His continued position as President of the great and glorious United States of America threatens that greatness and glory, and many of us know this.

I titled this post “…he that is greatest among you…” (Matthew 23:11)  because the rest of this verse tells us “…shall be your servant.”  I do not know that we see evidence of servanthood in Barack Obama; rather, I fear we see just the opposite.  I realize that it is very possible to pull together bits & pieces of this & that, facts, statements, etc. and paint a picture with words that may not actually BE what it then appears to be.  That is very, very possible.   But I see this kind of information & rhetoric concerning Barack Obama, his past, his present actions and his motives, in too many places.

May God continue to bless and keep America.  May He save us, as the psalmist King David wrote so long ago, from the hand of him that is too strong for us, from the hand of the one that ‘spoileth’  (Psalm 35:10).  And may 2012 grace us with a leader whose heart seeks to save America and serve her people.




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