The Founding Vision isn’t Dead

Sunday morning, I watched the Republican nominee debate on Meet the Press It was the first time I’ve ever been interested in such a political event.  I loved it. Following the candidates’ challenges & responses was easy;  I found myself absorbed and enlightened.  Wow.

But the best & most thrilling part, for me, was realizing that, in some of our country’s elected officials, politicians and aspiring presidents, the vision of our Founding Fathers is not dead.

Let me repeat this:  the vision of our Founding Fathers is not dead!

It may have only been on two or three occasions throughout the debate, but strong & clear statements resonating founding concepts were hallelujah music to my ears.  Governor Rick Perry boldly & directly called Barack Obama a socialist, pushing big government, then declared, “I am a Tenth Amendment believing governor. I truly believe that we need a president that respects the Tenth Amendment, that pushes back to the states…”  Ron Paul reminded his fellow candidates and ‘we. the people’ “…that {what} made us great was our founders understood what liberty meant, and that is what we need. We have deserted that.”  Jon Huntsman spoke of  “…a citizenry being able to live out the meaning of our founding documents–life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  And while maybe not exactly a reference to a specific founding vision, Rick Santorum, referring to President Obama, announced: “… he has required…programs not to talk about marriage, not to talk about abstinence, if, in order to get federal funds…He’s working exactly against the things he knows works because he has a secular ideology that is against the traditions of our country…” 

These sentiments, these beliefs are a powerful confirmation to my own unwavering core belief that what America needs, as much as is possible, is an ongoing returning to first principles.  Just as the Lord Jesus called for a return to their first love from the church at Ephesus (Revelation 2:4),  America needs a new love affair with her Founders.  And America needs a next President with that same affinity.

What I brought out of that debate (aside from an eyebrow-raising respect for Speaker Gingrich‘s head-on demand for an apology from Mitt Romney!) was not who the winning candidate should be – every one of them, in my opinion, is a worthy adversary of any other – but a confidence in a river of life that has flowed forward in time from the womb of a new nation.  And yet continues its path in the minds, hearts & spirits of some of our leaders today.

Hope is not lost.

May the man who captures the Republican Presidential candidacy and defeats Barack Obama be one who is a bearer of our founding principles.  If their light has dimmed in him, may it once again flare.  If it has died out, may it be re-ignited, with passion strong and true.

This I pray, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.


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