Not just another Pretty Planet!

Have you ever stopped to think about the earth? Ever thought much about this planet on which we live, or wondered about its significance in the Grand Scheme of things? Or, like me, have you pretty much just lived here, walking on its surface, breathing in its air, drinking its water, etc., etc., etc….involved in everything else that goes on in your life and oblivious to realities that would, if you pondered them, stop you in your tracks.

I don’t think God was just looking for something to do during the days spoken of in Genesis Chapter 1, “In the beginning” when He “created the heaven and the earth.” Stop and think about that! This was not done on a whim, to while away some time…much was afoot. Much. When we read in verse 2 that His Spirit ‘moved’ upon the face of the waters, we are being told that God was brooding over things. This is the only place that this particular Hebrew word appears in the entire Old Testament.

Can you even begin to imagine just how deep, how vast were those broodings? Exactly what was God planning? Why would He fashion an ‘earth’? To what end? What was going to be that important to Him, that He not only would create a planet Earth, but an entire cosmos around it, to support, sustain and protect it? Do you find it hard to believe that what was so important to God was you? Do you find it hard to believe that the enormous, galactic detail involved in His creation was for the purpose of providing you and I with a home…a life-sustaining planet?

Never in a million years had it ever occurred to me that, for instance, certain other planets in this galaxy protect the Earth from potential bombardments by other damaging space elements, such as comets. It would appear that these guardian planets (Jupiter and Saturn) were deliberately positioned for this purpose! How amazing is that! In fact, the molten metals forming the Earth’s core cause the planet’s rotation, which in turn serves to create a protective force field around it. Again, blocking asteroids, space debris and the sun’s rays from harming the Earth. Additionally, the tilt of the Earth is stabilized by the moon, its proximity being just right to accomplish that purpose, and thus allow for a diversity of climates and environments planet-wide, supporting many & varied forms of life.

Having learned these astounding facts has given me a whole new perspective on our universe and its design. I had never actually connected these dots.


 In the past, it was considered that the processes which occurred on, in and around our planet Earth, processes which produce & sustain life, probably existed in other planets in the cosmos as well. But scientists now know that such is not the case. Earth stands alone in this regard.


 Coming to a knowledge of even just a few scientific & astronomical facts, such as these, begs the consideration of a very Divine mind and hand at work in our universe, towards a very Divine purpose. That Hand reaches far back in time, and that Mind was looking just as far ahead, to the fulfilment of this purpose, a purpose involving the grand march of life through history unfolding on planet Earth. This planet which became a home for man also became a home for God in man, and continues to be so today, through spiritual rebirth. We move ever closer to the culmination of all things, according to His plan. That such a cosmic, infinite plan was launched eons ago, in such unbelievably perfected detail, pointing to the creation of a place – just this one specific planet – designed to support human life – well, do the math.

 Much is afoot.



2 responses to “Not just another Pretty Planet!

  1. In “Witness” Whittaker Chambers describes when he first realized there had to be a divine being. He said one day he was watching his daughter eat. He noticed her ears and all their intricacies. He thought (I paraphrase) “Surely no random act of evolution could create so many folds and turns as in the outside of the ear. It must be the hand of a divine being.” He said he quickly banished the thought, but years later, he would look back at that moment as the point where he left communism and turned to Christianity.

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