So…it’s not going to be Nominee Gingrich?

Personally, my choice for the Republican presidential candidate is still Newt Gingrich. Yes, I know that is not looking to be a likely outcome at this point. The Speaker himself basically admits that. Concerning Mitt Romney, Gingrich stated on FOX News Sunday, “He is far and away, the most likely Republican nominee.”

But I threw my hat into Newt’s ring awhile ago, and it’s still there.

Some months back, an online acquaintance of mine shared his belief, based on his relationship with the Lord, that Mitt Romney would be our next President. While I didn’t necessarily jump on that bandwagon, I also did not summarily discount it. As time has passed, and we’ve witnessed various surges & slumps in the polls, primaries and caucuses, I’ve remembered that prediction and hoped it was wrong. I wanted to see Newt Rising! An at times undisciplined personality aside, and several marriages, Newt Gingrich has the heart, passion, stamina & vision that I believe our country needs. He has more the heart of a Founding Father than many, and that would do America, and the American presidency, good.  (Newt Gingrich: an Underrated Candidate?)  But if my acquaintance has heard from God, Who has appointed Romney, then…it’s a done deal. Mitt Romney it will be.

As I’ve slowly begun to accept this, I’ve wondered if sometimes people are placed in a competitive public arena more for the purpose of airing their plans & ideas than for actually winning the competition. Words spoken may have long-term future effect. Wheels may be set in motion, though yet invisible, for the good to come.


Sometimes, it seems, the more excellent contender is not the one who walks off with the prize.

For example – and this is just my opinion – I think it was the second or third season of American Idol, when a young man named Taylor Hicks walked off that stage with the prize. Really? Taylor Hicks? Sure, he had talent, and I believe something was said about showmanship, but come on! Kat McPhee or Chris Daughtry had the goods on him any day of the week, hands down! Over the years, I’ve seen and heard about both of them, but pretty much nothing about the guy who actually won the title.

And the year that Dilana lost to some young punk rocker with black eye makeup named Lucas, for the Rock Star: Super Nova top spot still has me annoyed. She was the one. She was. (I think it was the guy’s black eye makeup that put him over the top. Screams Satan, and he’s big with that crowd…) (Well, that’s not to say Dilana herself doesn’t present an extreme picture!  so I admit my reasoning may be faulty & prejudiced…!)

Sometimes, perhaps, the prize is not the best way for those who ‘lose’ to showcase what they’ve got. It may not provide the best opportunities for effective use of knowledge, skills, experience and/or talent.


My last thought on this, for today’s post, might be a bit ‘out there’, but it’s crossed my mind several times lately. I’ve wondered if many Americans would not be prepared for too drastic a return to the visions of our Founders. Maybe, though these goals & principles hail from the past, they are, in a way, ahead of their time. Perhaps time is what we need – time to teach, to reinforce these basic principles, time to learn or re-learn the fundamentals and foundations from which we sprang.

Speaker Gingrich spoke of wanting to stay around to participate in the evolving of his party’s platform. Sounds like a plan.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.



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