Re-reading this post of mine, from my earlier blogging days, I realized how much I myself need a word of encouragement like this right now. Maybe the thoughts expressed in this post about the olive tree might lift someone else’s heart, also.

Jesus, the Revolution & You

You are looking at a picture of an olive tree, a very old olive tree, located in Ithaca, Greece. I got to thinking about the olive tree yesterday, as it relates to human frustration, remembering something I’d heard in a sermon once. Researching olive trees a little bit, I confirmed what I remembered as being true.

The tree in this picture is claimed to be about 1500 years old. Tree-ring analysis and other scientific means/studies have determined trees in Crete, Croatia and the Galilee region of Israel to be up to 3,000 years old, and still bearing fruit. It seems that, though these trees have a mighty endurance, they achieve their basic fullness of structure within the first 7 years (link).So, compared to a millennium or two’s worth of slooooow growth, it might be said that the olive tree’s initial growth spurt is fast. You know…

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