A Few Thoughts on Fascism…

So, now I’m learning about fascism

It is a word that, for me, has always conjured up visions of an Adolph Hitler, merciless brown-uniformed Nazi regiments, the Holocaust horror.  Intrinsically, the word insults.  Yet I never really knew what it meant.  If asked, balking, I would’ve said, “Well…you know..Nazis.  Hitler…I don’t know, maybe Communists…”  It would have been unthinkable to consider that elements of fascism had found their way into American society.  Just plain unthinkable.

Attacks on the American way of life are, in fact, almost a part of it.  Until all the kingdoms of this world have become the manifested kingdoms of the Lord, these attacks will continue.  Every good thing will be subject to pollution, to corruption or destruction in one form or another.  Overt or covert, the adversary continues to attempt to activate his plots & schemes in every arena.  It is no different today than it was in the Garden of Eden.  The serpent was there.  He is here, also.

If we could simplify it, perhaps these diabolical schemes could be reduced to a root formula of misinformation.  Put something out there that sounds good…many are quick to jump on the bandwagon without thinking things through, or measuring them against tried & true formulas…or maybe just don’t know! those formulas or precedents…we’ve probably all been there…

So what is our measuring stick?

I have to come back to Big Government.  We don’t want it.  The United States of America was created by God and by men, both parties desiring freedom as a lifestyle.  Not reckless, careless, selfish freedom that can itself destroy, but freedom nonetheless…a freedom that needs the Spirit of God residing in men, that it may operate properly.  Living in this world is tricky business, and we are all easily sidetracked.  Following ‘rules’ doesn’t always work, and we need to be saved from ourselves every day.  That salvation, or help of many sorts, could come by God through varied means – individuals, organizations or government agencies – but we need to remember He is the Source of our help.  We don’t want to be trusting the means themselves.  We don’t necessarily want to count on organizations or…wait for it…Government.  Government in large part is not intended to be our Provider.

America was not created to be a nanny state.  We LEFT the ‘Mother country’a long time ago.



just getting started…more on the way…















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