Written 3 years ago, this post speaks to me today…so, while my piece on fascism is still in the works, I submit today “Staying out of Hell’.

Jesus, the Revolution & You

As Christmas approaches, my thoughts have been turning towards an official ‘Christmas post’, but I doubt that will happen. My thoughts have also been turning towards the concept of loving others, forgiveness…that kind of thing. I’m wondering about the dynamics of spiritual realities, and wondering also, when I die & look back, will it be a case of, “Aw, man! I shoulda known! Jesus said(insert specific Scripture) and I didn’t do it…!”A case of, too little, too late? I’m wondering, is there more of a – what would be the word, maybe ‘metaphysical’? – essence to the instructions from our Saviour than we know?

I’m thinking about what we call ‘hell’. I’m not saying it isn’t a place, but I am saying that I consider the possibility that hell is a condition, as well. We use terms like ‘a living hell’. Maybe your marital situation is…

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