…from Maajid Nawaz to Mel Gibson, The Patriot

This post from April, 2011 gets hits almost every day…thought I’d reblog it…

Jesus, the Revolution & You

(Taking a break from Islamic extremism… )

I am probably one of the very few people alive who has never owned a VCR or DVD player. Until now…

…so it was no small event I when settled down in front of my computer screen & clicked on the ‘Start Movie’ label. And the movie I started was (drum roll, please!)….The Patriot.  It seemed most fitting that my first ever home movie-viewing should be commemorated with a film about the Revolutionary War, one of my strongest interests.

Mel Gibson played the leading role of Benjamin Martin, a farmer and widowed father of seven, living in South Carolina in 1776, shortly before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Until the war literally came to his doorstep, Martin resisted joining in the fight. He was, after all, a father of seven.

But all that changed when a British colonel cruelly…

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