Concepts Captured in Words: America’s Founding Documents

Yesterday, it appears that a visitor to my site spent almost half-an-hour on this page. Today, I re-read the article. I had forgotten exactly what it was about,..but thoughts such as these need to be remembered.

Jesus, the Revolution & You

Though I am far from wealthy, right now only moderately healthy, and definitely not by this world’s standards successful!, I have come to realize that, in the words of Brigitte Gabriel, (They Must be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It, A Note of Thanks) the dream is my address.

I live in America.

Though I have before realized that I don’t even come close to appreciating what we have in this great, great country, it is just recently that it’s dawned on me – the huge & marvelous vision that is today the United States of America, was once a dream. And I’m living in it. Concepts captured in words, once intangible & unseen except in minds & hearts, were ultimately, violently and triumphantly made manifest and visible. Generations have partaken, and now it is my turn. I’ve realized what a gift…

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