Way before the Founding Fathers…

Jesus, the Revolution & You

Just as I am fully convinced of the hand of God in the founding of the United States of America, so too I am equally convinced of the same in the centuries-earlier explorations, discoveries, & events that preceded that founding. Patterns that I’ve seen before re-appear, as do similarities of incidents.

To the great detriment of the generations to come, appearing as well are the familiar manifestations of assumptions of superiority, personal delusions. arrogance. A root of slavery went down almost instantly. And that age-old culprit, the love of money (specifically in this case, gold) wasn’t far behind. Learning about Christopher Columbus’ journey to a new land, finally named America, is bringing with it, for me, both awe & si shame. My personal reactions, though, matter not, because Columbus was the one chosen by God for this monumental task.


It was not until 1991 that a centuries-old Spanish manuscript, written by Christopher Columbus…

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