A Threat to Our Survival



We Are Losing to an Enemy We Refuse to Name Newt Gingrich

“…the facts—suggest the United States is drifting into a crisis that could challenge our very survival.”



“…our intelligence system has been methodically limited and manipulated to sustain false narratives while suppressing or rejecting facts and analysis about those who would kill us.”

“Congress should explore legislation which would make it illegal to instruct intelligence personnel to falsify information or analysis.”


We blindly play their game on their terms, and don’t even think about how absurd it is for people who accept no church, no synagogue, no temple, in their heartland to come into our society and define multicultural sensitivity totally to their advantage…”



“Only once we learn what drives and informs our opponents will we not repeat the same wrong response tactics…and finally start to win this long war.”





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