The American Saga Continues…Gay Marriage takes Center Stage

What are the real, deeper issues here?        Gay banner

What I believe is a nation-rending ruling made by SCOTUS, legalizing gay marriage across our country, is at root an outgrowth of a spiritual condition that has amassed over time. It is, somehow, a void lacking certain elements. A certain kind of spiritual presence is missing.  Or, perhaps one that should not be there, is.

If one is gay or lesbian, that seems insulting to them, doesn’t it? A homosexual man or woman may say, …but I believe in God…(link) I myself have known at least two such persons. One was a customer at a Bible bookstore where I worked. I may be wrong, but I never doubted that she was saved. She went to a local church, and told me that the pastor & congregants knew of her sexual orientation. I find it hard to believe – I cannot believe – the this young woman fell under the category of those who did not glorify God, being unthankful, and thus became ‘vain’ in her ‘imaginations’.  I did not see her as having a foolish, darkened heart.  (Romans 1:21)

…but maybe the root that worked its way into her, had its source in this very kind of condition, described by the apostle Paul in the first chapter of Romans, written so many centuries ago.


The attempts to counterfeit or diminish & destroy the work & plans of God never cease. Homosexuality may be one such fruit. In this world, just about everything gets polluted, eventually…there is never a time when Satan does not want to hijack the glory of God for himself. He does not want to see any of God’s original intentions come to fruition; while there is still time to try to derail all that God has done or is doing, to pervert it into a whole other shape & form, the devil will be busy doing that. He will not always have these opportunities. So he is ramping up such activities now, worldwide…legalization of gay marriage is probably part of that.

We as Christians need to remember that the enemy is our adversary the devil & the fallen nature of humanity, deceived into sinning. Homosexual persons are not the enemy; even SCOTUS is not the enemy. Rather, forces are operating behind & perhaps within the scenes, to denigrate God’s best. Our Saviour is Jesus Christ. The only antidote to any missing-the-mark behavior is found in Him, and in Him as He works out His will through men & women who are His, by Divine design as well as by choice. It happens in a one-on-one basis.


I do not rejoice over the SCOTUS ruling. I am deeply saddened, saddened in the same way that I was minutes after Barack Obama won the 2008 Presidential election. This ‘progressive’ move towards ‘equality’ bodes something else, I fear. And while I do not seek to deprive people in committed unions from personal happiness/well-being, I even more so hope that this ruling will not assist in the further unravelling of America’s substance, her character & what should be her great & blessed destiny. I do not want to see this ruling making a way for the hand of the devil to get an even greater grip on her than he now has.

I know that my God can reverse that which has been declared; I know He can turn back the tide – I don’t know that He will.

It will be my fervent prayer that He continue to cover the United States of America with covenant protection, because there yet remains a righteous remnant within the land. Amen.


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