Hmmm…the World Wide‘Web’ ??

Over three decades ago, I was working for a temp agency. I recall being in a conversation with one of the office supervisors, as she explained about some of the training the agency was offering. I wasn’t interested.

Years later, I sometimes thought about my indifference. How I was so clueless…becausecomputer the training was in the relatively *‘new’ field of computer technology.

…but later, I remember developing a suspicion about this innovative means of processing, storing & communicating information. At some point during my early exposure to computers – having none of my own nor any prospects of getting one! nor even working with/on any in an office – I began clearly seeing a dark agenda. I don’t know what caused me to think the way I did, other than the mind of God. I became convinced that a terrible intention of some of the creators of this technology was dehumanization.

I remain more than ever convinced of the same, today.


(Yes, I know you are reading this on your device, and I wrote it on mine. Just because some intend a thing for evil doesn’t mean God isn’t also using it for good!) (Genesis 45:4-8) (Genesis 50:20)


The other day I was thinking about shopping online. (I do it regularly.) It occurred to me how very…simplified?…it has made what used to be a multi-faceted event. I press keys on a laptop keyboard and merchandise shows up at my door. For me, in my 60’s and someone who doesn’t drive, this works. It’s convenient & solves problems like, how do I transport large bags of pet food, or heavier groceries, from store to home? But seen from another perspective, and considering current & growing trends in robotics & AI’s, what has been a gradual shifting from human activities & interactions to, well, their elimination! is a concern to me.

I used to get dressed & ready to go out, walk to the bus stop & experience being outside & all that it entails – fresh air, sunshine, maybe rain or snow…or seeing the fall colors etc. – being around people on the bus & then at my destination. Having arrived, I would enter the mall or the library, spend time browsing & deliberating & handling physical objects, interact w/cashiers or clerks. I’d enjoy time in a Food Court, relaxing & eating some tasty snack or meal, drinking coffee & people watching. I’d come home carrying books and/or purchases, with a sense of accomplishment and feeling renewed from a change of environment & scenery. Refreshed just from moving around…

Now? Almost all of that is removed from my shopping experiences when I shop online.

woman at computer


…and don’t get me started on what I think about the proliferation of virtual books, Kindle & the like…give me paper!!!


Author David Icke first introduced me to the idea of specific technological insidiousness. Alice in Wonderland bookIn his book “Alice in Wonderland & the World Trade Center Disaster”, Icke suggests the hijacking of our senses being a result of some of the older video games & consoles, with their viewers, headphones & in some cases, gloves. I had never played these games, so this thought was new to me. It made sense, though.


The statement is made by Ransom Godwin (4:20 TV Freedomist Films) that he is constantly hearing about all kinds of niches that have always been filled by people, now being replaced by a robot, AI or learning machine. We’ve all seen & heard such things. Robotized devices such as Roomba are presented to us as ‘cute’, Siri sounds so pleasant!, and drones are such fun…but project into the future a ways. Follow extrapolations of what could eventually happen…except, oh wait…it IS happening. What starts out as convenience, or delightfully innovative, robs us of volitional control. Robs us of the need to think? Are we losing autonomy? What is happening to our human nature? Like the frog in a vat of oil that is heated so incrementally slowly, it doesn’t realize it until it’s too late…is this us?


Godwin believes that our very brain functions are being re-structured as a result of having been handed tablets at 2 years of age. His comments serve to vindicate a concern I’ve had for a few years now, because I have great-nephews who are glued to their apps & tablets & Nintendo switches. I see how addictive such activity has become for them.

His guest in the above video interview, Jordan Maxwell, states that he believes that “there is some kind of a mutation going on, purposely, to change the human race into a different kind of creature.” He believes that, around the world, our minds & our brains are being re-programmed. (As a Christian who believes in a personal God, that is, Jesus Christ, I don’t recommend over-doing your intake of Jordan Maxwell. Use much caution. I take Jordan in managed doses…but he has said much that I had already come to see & believe, in other areas of knowledge, and expanded on my base.)


However, if Maxwell’s theory is correct, his suspicion only serves to prove ever more relevant the Scripture that tells us to “be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…” (Romans 12:2).


Scripture makes it clear that we live not only on the earth but in a world system. The apostle Paul wrote of “this present evil world (Galatians 1:4), and it is something from which God wills that we be delivered. I have come to believe that the roots & tentacles of this system are FAR more invasive & pervasive than most imagine. But be encouraged! This same verse declares our deliverance! You may not quite comprehend how it works, but know that it is effective – the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross has provided for our deliverance from a soul-less world system.




I believe that this world system has its roots in Lucifer’s rebellion against the Most High. Eventually not content to be who he was, this most beautiful of all God’s created beings mutinied against Him, declaring I will ascend…I will exalt my throne…I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:12,14). (My thoughts on this in more detail: ‘Once, “the Anointed Cherub”…but Now?’)

Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 tells us that *there is nothing new under the sun,the thing that hath been, it is that which shall be…”  If we take that literally, the assumptions that many of us make about our society & its advanced technologies are blown out of the water. Hard to believe, I know…but a lot of ‘unexplained phenomena’ would not seem so mysterious. Evidences that boggle the mind of other, very advanced civilizations might become believable, not so ‘far out’ as one once thought!

…and I suggest this as a prelude to presenting a concept which, not that long ago, I rejected…but no longer do.

What if, ages & eons back in time, with the most malevolent of intentions, the fallen Lucifer installed a monstrous Super Computer/AI somewhere in the universe, or on our planet?

It is not an implausible idea, nor an impossible one. We draw conclusions based on what we know, but we also may assume that we know just about everything there is to know…how can anyone be sure of that? We can’t.


If you follow/investigate conspiracy theories, you may already suspect this. If not, well…you may be guffawing right now! But please come back for the second part of this post, where I’ll be offering more specifics.


God with Us!!!

In the triumphant lyrics of ‘Jesus is Alive!’, we hear the glorious declaration that 2,000 years ago, God stepped out of eternity, into time, in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ. What a clear & powerful picture this presents to us!

ALL that Jesus is, He can be to you.


The Living Word steps forth into your reality. What is He to you today?

The letter of the Word tells us many things about Jesus. What you want is the substance of it. In this fulness, His fulness, we see our Lord. Is He YOUR Lord? And, if He is, have you yet seen how He also belongs to you, once you yield to His lordship? He is yours!

My heaven & earth are reeling right now with this revelation. It is so easy to see Jesus as that stern taskmaster, I think. I know it has been that way for me. I wanted to feel differently, consistently, but…well, I tried. Praise, worship & intercession, acknowledging He is the ONLY High God, today, now! amidst powerful music opens the heavens for me, and I enter in. There is nothing like it.


I don’t want to say that this rhema Word turns the tables, but…I’ve been looking for a certain stability in life, in situations & circumstances, and even & especially in Christ which I have not experienced. But because He never leaves, I get it now…I’ve never married, so I cannot experientially know that kind of bond where two are one…’til now. Now I begin to get it…

Now I begin to see how the power of the Son of God might flow into me. I don’t just understand in my thinking – I see. I begin to feel it.


In your time & season in Christ, if it hasn’t already, may it happen to you.















Rulers of This Age…gettin’ Busy in America

In my last post, I mentioned how the ‘opposition’ accuses. If you are a believer in Jesus, a Christian who reads Scripture at least some of the time, you know that when I say ‘opposition’, I mean our adversary the devil. (Revelation 12:10)

Accusing pits one against another.

Think about that.

In our country today, the United States of America, the division between the people and the politicial parties is perhaps the worst in a long time. It seems that way to me, but I never paid that much attention to national issues prior to the last decade or so. So, maybe in my lifetime, it has been worse…but I doubt it. To me, the rift seems deep, vicious, jagged, spewing hatred too often. (Any hatred is too often, but it happens…)

“For He is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us; Having abolished in His flesh the enmity…” (Ephesians 2: 14,15)

See where I’m goin’ with this?


Can anyone say that there is no enmity in America today? I doubt it.

And the LORD God said to the serpent, Because you hast done this thing, thou art cursed…I will put enmity between thee and the woman…”  (Genesis 3: 14,15)

“For the carnal mind is enmity against God…” (Romans 8:7)



I’m trying to bring spiritual reality into the realm of politics.

I was listening earlier to a radio preacher speaking about the mystery of the gospel, and he made a statement along the lines of listening to the rulers of this age…my thoughts went immediately to the vitriolic, insulting, divisive national conversations that have been going on for several years now. These ‘conversations’ have been and are still going on because we have listened to the rulers of this age and have taken sides. We have been and are still being pitted against one another.

“For He is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us; Having abolished in His flesh the enmity…” (Ephesians 2: 14,15)


Make no mistake, there exists powers & principalities, rulers of darkness in this world. They operate within the system. Their ultimate aim is never good. We don’t have to listen to them, to be led around by the nose, so to speak, by them. But we are & will be if we don’t find something else to listen to, something or Someone else to seek after.

See where I’m goin’ with this?


In a recently televised message, President Trump actually spoke about leaving off of the hateful rhetoric, and letting our nation heal. I don’t recall his exact words. I do recall that I hadn’t seen or heard a message quite like it before, on air or screen, and it RESONATES.

I don’t know how, in a two-party political system, such principals as I’ve mentioned here can be worked out. Mid-term elections have recently passed, and I voted. I had to, uh…choose a side. What I do know is that we in the Body of Christ have access to the Solution. Some of us – and would that the Lord will open all our eyes to this! – need to be daily abiding in the reality of the mystery of the gospel. We need to be seeking to know more & more about what this is, Who this is. HERE is where we need to be feeding, not at the table of confusion & hatred set out before us by the rulers of the darkness of this world.

“…on Earth as it is in Heaven…”

As darkness seems to ever increase in this world, and everywhere we look we see more tragedy, need, hate…despite these things, there needs to be hope. We must have that glimmer of light. There has to be a tear in the veil, a chink in the brick wall, a sliver of sunshine breaking through a crack in the prison door. We cannot endure life without hope, without the possibility of escape from pain & hardship.

I think we have to go through whatever we have to go through that will lead us to Jesus.

Jesus, the Way



There are endless temporary fixes. They help, I don’t discount them. Life in these bodies in this world requires comfort, alleviation of stress. So the pain may subside…and that is good…but it will often come back. What caused it in the first place? Whatever we think may be the reason, there’s a good chance it’s something else.

Love never fails, Scripture tells us. Love covers, we are also told.

The opposition, rather, accuses.


…Jesus is the Door, the only Way. He is God, and God is love.

Any other way to achieve whatever it is you’re trying to achieve will rob you of His best, and may in the process, depending on how much & how often you’re robbed, cause greater problems. Because you’ll become locked into some process that is NOT Light, Love and full of grace & Truth.

You may think you don’t want to become ‘locked into’ Jesus, but He is the only safe place. I promise you that.

The love with which He loves us, His great joy in us, His generosity!! goes so often unrecognized. It is so easy for the thorns & thistles of this world to constrict & choke out such awareness, it seems. The Way He wants to deal with us…and DOES deal with us…is not something to dread. And when the moment arrives in your life that you truly begin to understand that His Way is THE Way, not only for redemption eternal but the solution to so many of our problems & conflicts in this life…well, that is cause for rejoicing eternal.

I think that if you truly desire to see things the way Jesus sees them, He’ll help you with that.

You may have to be willing not to place blame. You may find that you don’t want to anymore, because He has increased your love for the ones you want to keep blaming. (Believe me, you are coming out the winner in this contest!)

When you want Jesus to be seen & known, your goals change.

More often, you willingly look for His goals. You willingly take on His yoke.

…and it becomes more deeply true for you, every day, that your desire, too, is “…Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”








Being ‘Joyfully Serious’ about Jesus

When I started this blog 10 years ago, my purpose in creating it was American Revolution-centered. For me, at that time & since, door after door of wonderful, thrilling facts were opened to me, leading to yet more amazing truths – well, hopefully truths –George Washington bulletproof about our founding and our Founding Fathers.

Over a decade later, I find myself writing about occult rituals & Hillary Clinton.

…I wouldn’t say I strayed from the main path exactly. But…I am pretty sure, at this point, if I don’t reverse course, I’m going to have some problems.

Along the way, I know that God told me to ‘invest in America’. Since I have very little money, I drew the conclusion that He meant investing my focus & energy in learning & writing about my country, the United States of America. About halfway through this journey, I clicked on a link about then-President Obama…and my world changed. The article wasn’t exactly about Barack Obama. Long story short, well…occult rituals & Hillary Clinton. Four or five years later, there is too much darkness surrounding me.


Over the past few days, a family member had to have immediate back surgery. This person’s life may be seriously changed, though it could have been much worse. Children are involved. I am involved. I don’t know why but someone else’s injury & condition has impacted my spiritual reality in a way that I would describe as scales falling from my eyes. I was given to experience, for just a few moments, the strength of God’s love for this person & family – and the adults don’t even believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

For some reason, this event has been the catalyst for me, to reverse course.


…so I am wondering, now what? How do I – or can I even – integrate what I’ve learned & about which I’ve written these past few years,  with this renewal of ‘looking unto Jesus, the Author & Finisher of my faith’? I’m making some semi-sweeping changes in some of my routines, to allow more room, more time for Jesus. But…as far as America, now what?

I’m listening tonite to a Bible meditation/teaching about grace. The teacher, Rev. Wayne Monbleau, was saying that yes, he prays for our nation, but if the Body of Christ would drop everything else & really look to Jesus, become joyfully serious about Jesus Christ & learn about Him, as Scripture teaches…if we would repent of focusing on so many other topics! THAT would be the best thing for America.

I can find no fault with that approach.

…so I’m not sure where this is going to take me, or how my writings will change…I don’t know what’s going to show up on these pages in the hopefully near future…but by the grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ, I am hoping for some fruit that lasts, and makes a difference in people’s lives.


“Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.”

(1st Thessalonians 5:24)

Jesus, the Way


Hidden Things, America & Elijah the Prophet

“…be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.” (Ecclesiastes 12:12)

Yet also, “…a word {spoken} in due season, how good {is it!}” (Proverbs 15:23).

(Granted, this second Scripture implies speaking, not reading. Technically, though, the actual word ‘spoken’ does not appear in the original manuscript – at least, as my Bible presents this verse. So it seems that maybe we can integrate both approaches to words written, modifying if possible over-much reading…)

And it is this ‘over-much reading’ with which I am concerned today. And my concern relates to myself.

My ever-expanding base of new (to me) information regarding hidden/dark agendas – books, articles, videos etc. – has become a sober challenge to my core beliefs concerning America. The very premise of this blog is being called into question. So I am proceeding most cautiously with what I write…I am retracting nothing at this time, and my uncertainties do not involve my faith in Jesus Christ. (He is, in fact, the One keeping me steady…) But periodically I find that I need to put a pin in whatever topic of the day has captured my attention, (keeping in mind that when our Adversary the/a devil speaks, there is no truth in him) take a step back & let the Lord settle it all down, clarify things and such.


There are overwhelming amounts of information ‘out there’ concerning what have been considered myth & fantasy, detailed explanations of rituals, symbols, occult beliefs & practices relating to the United States of America, past & present…I don’t believe that it is wise to become too immersed in learning about such things. I do not say, bury your head in the sand, but a little can go a long way. Managing such intake is smart. And it is imperative to know Jesus Christ, and to know Him well, to know the Scriptures, before one begins this journey, if led to do so…keep this in the forefront of your mind. Keep Him in the forefront of your mind. Stay refreshed in the Lord always.

…and keep in mind, that Scripture shows us that circumstances initiated & arranged by evil-doers, intending harm, can be meant by God for great good & deliverance for many. ((Genesis 45:4-7)

Having said this, there are a few points I want to highlight.

During the build-up of the 2016 elections campaign, my investigations of some of the events & happenings reported led me to information about an occult ritual performed in 1946, called the Babalon Working. My perceptions of reality had been being stretched by then, so I didn’t discount what I read, but rather tucked it away in my mind. This ritual reportedly concerned Hillary Clinton. Though bizarre, it made possible sense to me.

Recently, the Babalon Working topic re-surfaced in a book I’m reading, Tom Horn’s Saboteurs (pg.143). Enough detail is given to provide even more credibility to this ritual’sSaboteurs_2 possible…at least partial effectiveness. I am not going into much detail – that isn’t the point here – but I do want to provide a concise outline of this unholy scheme.

In what has been described as a sex magic ritual, in February & March of 1946, Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard & NASA rocket scientist Jack Parsons, both followers of the Thelema philosophy (pg. 144) of Aleister Crowley, conducted “rituals…aimed at incarnating the archetypal divine feminine and changing culture through her influence.”{italics mine} “…the rites were intended to open a doorway through which the goddess Babalon herself might appear in human form.”

I used to think that such rituals, spell-casting etc. were ineffective & powerless. But Scripture contradicts that premise.   “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world”, no doubt! but there is still a ‘he’ who is in the world that has the lesser power, to some degree. I’ve previously read that both frenzied sexual energy & the letting of blood can cause vibrational activity that can cause tears or openings between dimensional veils/partitions, which certainly could explain why we hear about these activities being employed, allegedly, in Satanic rituals etc. If true, this would facilitate the above-mentioned opening of a dimensional doorway…

(…although when the prophet Elijah challenged the 450 prophets of Baal to bring fire down upon a slaughtered bullock, these prophets – in their attempts to induce their god to respond – “cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.” (1 Kings 18:28) to no avail. These guys kept at it from morning til evening, but “there was neither voice, nor any to answer, nor any that regarded.” (v.29) Soooo…..)

(…and just to finish this most interesting account in 1 Kings, Elijah drenched with water Elijah 450_2not only his bullock, but the wood on which it was laid three times, plus he dug & filled with water a trench around it, called on the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel once…”Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.” (v.38)


Jack Parsons believed that the desired goal was accomplished. Additionally, in his Book of the Antichrist, he wrote that on October 31, 1948, when the child would have been about one year old, her spirit contacted him, identifying herself as “Hilarion”. Parsons stated that she would become a “powerful international public figure”, helping to usher in the Antichrist.


Well…much seems to align itself with Hillary Rodham being the female child, born in 1947, that Parsons & Hubbard were seeking to conjure. Seems, I say. Though she lost – Amen! – the 2016 election, I believe she’ll try again. Delving into the Clinton’s mutual past, seriously disturbing video & written reportings have me, at this very moment, floored…and feeling as though I could vomit. I’ve seen, heard & read mentions & accounts of alleged murder, corruption, cover-ups & witchcraft – it’s out there & many know that – but it seems I’m being led to learn their history in more detail, at this time. I had read, post 2016 election, that the plan had been to install Bill Clinton into the United Nations, if Hillary had won the 2016 election. Today I heard Larry Nichols state that very intention in a September, 2016 video. This, to me, is frightening. May it never come to pass.


I think it cannot hurt to be aware of these…possibilities.

Of paramount importance, though, for me, is hearing what the Spirit of the Lord says, concerning America & His plans for her. I still believe He has a heart of love for the United States of America. We need to be ‘praying up’ about this even now, and seeking His face for the 2020 re-election of President Trump. Most of all, we need to remember it is about the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as King of all the earth!, and these convoluted & diabolical attempts to thwart that, no matter how deeply they go or how dark they are, will not, ultimately, prevail.

Jesus 22



Jesus, the Captain of our Salvation…and the Y Chromosome?



In Hebrews we are told of the basic difference between spiritual milk & spiritual meat. .  (Hebrews 5:12-14)

We are also told to leave certain principles behind (we are not told to forsake them), and ‘go on unto perfection’ (Hebrews 6:1).

If you haven’t reached the point where it is time for you to ‘go on…’, I don’t think that verse in Hebrews 6 will make any sense to you. In fact, it might seem a little unnerving…


Powerful, powerful truth resides in the Scriptures. A loving Abba God would not visit all such truth at once on His infant children in Christ. Ya gotta grow! before you are ready to hear certain things. His Word is amazingly versatile in that it is both milk AND meat…it is to us what we are able to receive. For myself, I have found over the years, that many times there were Scriptures I just could not endure, I could not process – I would have to put my Bible down and walk away. “…in all his epistles…are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned…wrest…unto their own destruction.” (2 Peter 3:16) I think we may sense, as we continue with Jesus & as we read the Scriptures, truth not yet revealed to us. I remember, when reading this Scripture in the past, having a sense of somber yet utter cluelessness. Now that I think I have some idea as to what this Scripture may refer – if I am right – that sense was well-founded.

We grow by degrees, from faith to faith and glory to glory. You may think you have more or less arrived, but I would venture to say that if you think you are there, hold onto your hat because the ride may just getting started!!!


…along the way, though, truths grasped & principles understood may seem disjointed. For me they have…but the whole picture is beginning to come together now. And I think a reassuring aspect to this whole process is that one can see the layer of truth being revealed as that ‘meat’ that was hidden back when one first began to know a certain Scripture. It becomes apparent that just the ‘outer court'(?) aspect of that specific truth had been shown. We had no idea how bland it was! compared to what’s coming now!! Seeing a fuller truth manifest in conscious understanding – when you have been prepared for it – is a thrill like no other!!!


Life in this world is usually demanding. We all know how easily it can happen, that everything else besides Jesus can take over! He, in fact, warned us against letting the ‘thorns & thistles’ of the demands and activities of this world strangle the Word of Life…I think it is an amazing & almost Herculean feat, to succeed even in small measure sometimes, in not letting the words of Spirit & Truth be squelched. We press on, moving forward, even when we may not really want to! because life forces us to keep moving, or be consumed. He holds our hand! We do not stay down! And one of the best moments, maybe THE best moment, in a life is when one realizes that, in whatever their particular situation is, only the Scripture has the perfect, enduring answer.

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that life in this world is not what I had thought it was. If you are a regular/even occasional reader of my posts, you’ve probably read some of my ‘off the beaten track’ writings. The Lord has led me (I believe) down these unconventional paths because explanations reside therein. I have just recently arrived at the most startling, unexpected and yet refreshing set of theories/ideas that I have yet to encounter.


“…the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God…neither can he know them…” (1 Cor. 2:14)

There is alot going on in the world that believers in Christ, spiritual men & women, know or suspect is hinky. Often, though I can’t prove it, I will ‘sense’ something that isn’t right. Later, confirmation comes my way. It may take awhile. In the meantime, that distrust remains. We will not listen to the voice of one who is other than Christ.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the world seems to be going to hell in a hand basket.

This is obvious to everyone, though, even those who don’t confess Jesus Christ. I think what separates people in their view of current events/world happenings is primarily that they don’t see/know/suspect why chaos often seems to reign. Clearly greed, evil & tragedy so often dominate, but how does this come to be? Right values are massacred, the wrong people are acclaimed as idols & heroes…man, the creation of God, is beginning to be increasingly replaced by computers, IT, robots & AI. The world is eating this up, not discerning that they are being eaten up by it. In a way, I am reminded of Nebuchadnezzar’s command to fall down & worship the 90′ high golden image he had set up in Babylon, when the sounds of ‘all kinds of musick’ were heard. (Daniel 3:1, 4-5) Broad is the way of destruction, and many there be that enter therein…responding automatically to all kinds of ‘sounds’.


“So God created man in His image…” (Genesis 1:27)

I don’t think the Scripture clarifies exactly what Nebuchadnezzar’s golden image represented, here in Daniel 3, but my money is on Nebuchadnezzar himself. And ninety feet high no less! The best this king could do was construct a rigid statue. Was he trying to drown out God? He couldn’t really compete with the handiwork of the Most High. He could not, like God, bring forth a living soul in his own image.

But God did.

How often do you ponder the truth that man was created in the image of God? Does that impact you at all? I am forty plus years into walking with the Lord, and I am just now beginning to feel that impact. I knew the Scripture that tells us this…but was not impacted by it.

Our lives are full of a lot of events & situations, we have just about all that we can handle so much of the time. Our focus & our concerns are of necessity on those situations. Details abound, clamoring for our attention & energy. When does a person have a chance to really think about having been created in the image of God? Exactly what does that mean, anyway?

Nonetheless, the first man was created in the image of God. His destiny was to have remained in that perfect state. He did not, though. And when, today, I think about being restored to the image of God, I know that I am finally getting a glimpse of my destiny. I realize that despite my testimonies to the contrary, that I am a new creation in Christ etc., etc., I did NOT actually know & believe that I am coming into the unprecedented condition of existing as one in the image of God.


The big question is, what happened to Adam? so that we, today, need to be restored to the image of God.

It is generally known or believed, that there was serious transgression in Eden. Regardless of what anyone believes specifically transpired in the Garden, we can agree that something outside of God’s instructions to the first couple took place. A choice was made that resulted in the loss of Paradise. It is from this catastrophic loss that mankind needs to be redeemed.

In a vague, non-specific way, people get that. No one argues that our world & its societies need constant repair. We need to be ever vigilant, taking precautions against so many kinds of threats & invaders, ceaselessly surveilling, watchful against new offensives in cyber-space as well as our physical space. But managing our surroundings & circumstances isn’t the solution. It is necessary, but it is not the endgame. The solution would be found in the man or woman who did not create, in the first place, all these kinds of situations from which we need to protect ourselves.

The solution is the man or woman who is walking & living in the image of God.

What was lost in Eden included idyllic surroundings & beautiful communion with God, but the gut-wrenching zinger was a sudden & dramatic change in Adam’s very composition. The image of God in Adam was corrupted.


It is suggested that, at the moment of transgression, Adam’s very DNA became corrupted.

“Once he & Eve sinned, death (errors in the genetic code) entered our first parents…those errors have not only been passed to all of their descendants, but the loss of data has been increasing over time…” (Douglas Hamp, Corrupting the Image, pg.74).




It is also suggested by Hamp that the Y (male) chromosome may in fact be a record of an ‘event’ in the life of our original father – a record of his genetic fall. His genetic information was corrupted. Remember that God did warn our first parents that in the day that they partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good & evil, they would surely die…is death a result, then, of genetic data corruption?


WE cannot fix this. Deluded, transhumanists & others are trying. but beware of them all. Our only Answer is found in Jesus Christ, Who did not share Adam’s defective Y chromosome. There is really a lot going on here, and I’m just barely wrapping my head around it at this point. But wrapping my head around it I am…I hope to write more on these topics, but perhaps some of you readers already are making connections…

Corrupting the Image(Read Douglas Hamp’s book, Corrupting the Image, if you are interested in substantiating details.)





A Final Note: If you consider that DNA corruption may have occurred at the Fall of man in the Garden of Eden, and that fall took place because of a satanic contrivance, you may wonder, why did Satan need to corrupt man’s DNA?

One possible explanation is found in David Icke’s “Tales from the Time Loop”:

“This ‘Divine right’ is simply the right to rule by DNA. We have a head of state in Britain to this day who is only there because of her DNA and the whole freeloading hierarchy of the royal family is structured according to a person’s DNA relationship to the king or queen …what is royal rule by DNA if not outrageous racial and genetic elitism? This ‘Divine’ right to rule has nothing to do with the ‘Divine’ and everything to do with the real origin of these bloodlines. They claim to descend from the ‘gods’ of the ancient world…The ‘royal’ families have interbred incessantly with each other since ancient times because they are seeking to retain the DNA corruption that can apparently be quickly diluted by breeding outside of itself. How interesting that the families of the Illuminati and the power elite do the same to this day. Why? They are the same bloodlines. The royal ‘Divine’ bloodlines of ancient Sumer and Babylon (now Iraq), Egypt, the Indus Valley and elsewhere expanded into Europe to become the royal and aristocratic families that ruled that continent and most of the world through the British Empire and those of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and so on. As the people began to challenge and reject the open dictatorship of royal rule {the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolutionary War, the United States of America!} {insertion mine} the bloodlines began to move ‘underground’ by operating among the population in all the areas that control modern society …You will find a similar story all over the world. Credo Mutwa, the official historian of the Zulu nation, told me how so many black African leaders that were placed in power after the colonial masters gave the continent ‘independence’, came from the bloodlines of African kings and queens who claimed to descend from the same ‘gods’ as their white counterparts.”  (David Icke, “Tales from the Time Loop” ) {underlining, bold & colored text mine}


Connect the dots…and pray that people’s eyes be opened…